In Deep #041 (15th Oct 2013)

In Deep #041

I’ve been picking up some great music over the last few months, so I thought it was time for another In Deep so the best of it can be savoured altogether in one long go. Most of this mix is deep house of various flavours. Vakula’s “New Romantic” is bubbly and meandering with subtle jazz licks. Leon Vynehall’s “I Get Mine, You Get Yours” is a much messier, rumpier affair, while Maxim Buldakov’s “Can You Feel It (Sasha Khizhnyakov Remix)” has a garagey vibe.

There’s also a bit of unicorn from Trackman Lafonte & Bonquiqui (which you might guess is Legowelt and Xosar in disguise), and something from the new release on Sheffield’s CPU Records by Mrs Jynx. “Dinner Dance” is a serene, futuristic affair that brings to mind both Larry Heard and Warp Records; bright, cool and polished.

My two favourites amongst this mix span entirely different generations. The Octo Octa remix of Gravious’ “Rolling Thunder” came out this October and is awash with warm bass and gorgeous synth sweeps. Clickety beats add the bounce. Go back a full twenty five years and A Guy Called Gerald, Edward Barton and Chapter And The Verse got together as “Us” to produce “Born in the North”, a menacing and defiant slice of acid house with the haunting female vocals “I was born in the North, and I live in the North, and I’ll die in the North…”. I first came across it on Legowelt’s Ten years of Squadron mix and immediately fell in love. Yet another amazing piece of music I have Legowelt to thank for.

In Deep #041 (15th October 2013)
Mixed by Olaf Quintessa

92 mins. 320 kbps MP3 (212 MB).

Click here to download


1. Jussi-Pekka – Overnight
2. Soul 223 – Fear of Stopping
3. Gravious – Rolling Thunder (Octo Octa Rmx)
4. Vakula – Exp Techno
5. Mrs Jynx – Dinner Dance
6. Trackman Lafonte & Bonquiqui – Believe In Something
7. Vakula – New Romantic
8. Leon Vynehall – I Get Mine, You Get Yours
9. Ghetto Brothers – Ghetto Blues
10. Maxim Buldakov – Can You Feel It (Sasha Khizhnyakov Remix)
11. The Organ Grinder – Breathe
12. Craig McWhinney – Heavy Stemmed (Mic Newman Remix)
13. Magic Touch, Sapphire Slows – Just Wanna Feel (I:Cube Remix)
14. Maxi Mill – To The Next
15. Maxim Buldakov – U Luv Me (Roy Gilles Rawstrumental Mix)
16. Hugo W&P HGG Giner – Drum Factor
17. Willie Burns – Windows Down
18. Deep Space Orchestra – We Held On
19. Us – Born In The North
20. Elec Pt.1, Andreas Gehm – I Dont Dare
21. Teleseen – The Jewel Of Ash

Picture credit: Artists Garden, Second Life


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