In Deep #040: Live at Hijak (15th Jun 2013)

In Deep #040

Happy birthday In Deep… reached the big four oh at last! This set was recorded live at online hangout Hijak and takes pretty heavy inspiration from Omar S and especially Legowelt, so there’s lots of acid, unicorn, latter day jack, shoegaze, deep house and techno. “Wayne County Hill Cop’s” and “Mind Games” are both tracks I came across on the Boiler Room set Omar S did a few months back, both of which sent me nuts trying to find out what they were. “Mind Games” is pure, no-fucking-around, ass-shaking underground house music released back in 1985, with a rough, butt-slapping bassline and Liz Torres on vocals singing “where did you find what was never in your mind to begin with?”. Hard. To. Beat.

Another mix I’ve been listening to *a lot* lately is Legowelt’s “Midnite Relics”. It’s hard to say exactly what I love about it so much. It sounds like house and techno through a paranormal filter. In one way or another it asks you to open your mind to a different realm where, yes, there might be UFOs and unicorns. “Midnite Relics” doesn’t actually feature a lot of Legowelt’s own work (unless Danny Wolfers has even more pseudonyms than I realised), but I ended up playing lots his stuff, along with music by Xosar and Orgue Electronique.

Probably the best thing about discovering “Midnite Relics” was it put me on to the 100% Silk record label, which is the coolest label I’ve come across in a long while. There’s house and techno, but it has an unpredictable, indie feel. So you get the shoegazy tropes of Coyote Clean up, the lo-fi workouts of Jupiter Jax, and the eastern sounds of Teleseen. Pick of the whole crop for me though is Octo Octa’s “Deep Hurt”. It simply blew my mind when I heard it on the “Midnite Relics” mix. “Deep Hurt” is a dream where the most beautiful, loving person from your imagination is gently nuzzling at your neck. And you might well be submerged in a warm ocean of soft blankets and feather pillows at the same time.

Thanks Casha for the invite to play at Hijak, and thanks to everyone who came along or listened in. Not sure when I’ll ever reach fifty but for the moment, life begins here..

In Deep #040: Live at Hijak (15th Jun 2013)
Mixed by Olaf Quintessa

114 mins. 320kbps MP3 (260 MB)

Click here to download

1. Plusculaar – Me, Myself And I
2. Omar S, Ob Ignitt – Wayne County Hill Cop’s
3. Quest – Mind Games (Street Mix)
4. Legowelt – Celestial Luv
5. Joe Church – Don’t you Want to be Mine (Club mix)
6. Sek – Stand You Lose
7. Humandrone – House Noir
8. Orgue Electronique – Texas, Brooklyn, Heaven
9. Acid Mondays – First One
10. Coyote Clean Up – 2 Hot 2 Wait
11. Octo Octa – Deep Hurt
12. Octo Octa – Who I Will Become
13. Simoncino – Where Did U Go featuring Julian Jonah (Dub mix)
14. Jupiter Jax – Soulless City
15. DMX Krew – December Darkness
16. Teleseen – Sombras
17. Coyote Clean Up – At Home (Dub)
18. Xosar – The Calling
19. Xosar – Rays Of Babylon
20. Legowelt – Sark Island Acid
21. Bobby Browser – Theme From Tony’s Party
22. Alec Carlsson – Noise System (Jace Syntax Orbit Mix)
23. Coyote Clean Up – Wild4Ever
24. Legowelt – Visions in My Mind
25. Ability II – Pressure Dub
26. Marshall Jefferson vs Noosa Heads – Mushrooms (Timewriter mix)
27. Aphreme – Morning Brightness (Windimoto’s Wake Up Remix)

Picture credit: Hijak, Second Life


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