45 Minutes or it’s the Stick

45 Minutes

Here’s a new mix I devised for my 10km running ambitions. Exactly 45 minutes of awesome house and techno, followed by the worst song ever. I picked out something I would want to avoid hearing at all costs to motivate me to run that bit faster and keep it up. But if you see me running on the waterfront with an especially pained look on my face, I failed, I have puke in my ears.

Olaf Quintessa – 45 Minutes or it’s the Stick
Recorded 22nd May 2013

49 mins. 320kbps MP3 (112MB)

Click here to download

Tracklist (not including the worst song ever)
1. Atmosfear – Dancing In Outer Space (Lunar Mix)
2. Black Science Orchestra – Save Us
3. Shur-I-Kan – Jingle Jangle
4. Scope – Mission Control
5. 16B – Keep On Changing Shape
6. 16B – Escape (Driving To Heaven) (Instrumental Mix)
7. Transfusion – Chicago Dancefloor Voodoo (D’s 12 Edit)
8. Los Hermanos – Resurrection
9. Steve Navaro – Missiah
10. Los Hermanos – Central Nervous System
11. The Rurals – Big Fire


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