In Deep #039 (8th Mar 2013)

In Deep #039

Well, this one’s a bit of a journey. I originally recorded this set live at online hangout Bebu at the end of February but then decided I wanted to rejig it a bit and throw in some new music I picked up later on. It starts off pretty deep and moody with some intense grooves from Carlos Nilmmns and Marcello Napoletano, passes through the wilds of unicorn planet with some raw action from Orgue Electronique, Legowelt and Asok, and ends up on a warm, sunny beach with a bit of classic Noraj Cue.  There’s new stuff from Arrtu, Sek, Mano Le Tough and Arthur Oskan, as well as a couple of my all time faves – Dubbyman’s “King Of Motown (W&P HGG Remix)” is a king among deep house tracks.

I’ve been watching quite a bit of Boiler Room TV lately so this set bears a little of its influence. Both XXXY and Daphni are artists I only really came across after hearing them play at the Boiler Room. I also like how there are some great Boiler Room sets by DJs like Ben UFO that happily wander across all sorts of genres but still work really nicely. After a long period where dance music split into ever finer genre distinctions, it seems like those distinctions are becoming irrelevant again. Eclectic’s not really the word. Colour blind might be a better way of putting it. A lot of the DJs on Boiler Room TV are using digital setups and one of the obvious benefits is the easy availability of back catalog music. So you end up hearing an interesting mix of brand new stuff and older music. Obviously 90s garage and older Chicago style house is going through a bit of a revival right now. It’s easier than ever to trip back in time and discover old tropes.

Pick of the crop though has to be Vertical67’s “Radar”, a beautiful, bouncy acid ballad with oodles of warmth and depth. It feels like it should be an electro track, with a polished, space age sheen and outstanding bassline, but it’s so good it can fit in anywhere. Will definitely be watching for more from them.

Thanks everyone who came along to Bebu and to Lanne for having me there. Enjoy the journey!

Olaf Quintessa – In Deep #039
Recorded 8th Mar 2013

121 mins. 320kbps MP3 (277 MB).

Click here to download

1. Martin Denny – Similau
2. Arttu – Tune In featuring Diamondancer
3. Theo Parrish – Twin Cities
4. Carlos Nilmmns – She Likes Analog
5. Marcello Napoletano – The Land of the Groove
6. Sek – Street Rails
7. The Organ Grinder – Heaven
8. Dubbyman – King Of Motown (W&P HGG Remix)
9. XXXY – Got Me So
10. Mano Le Tough – Nothing Good Gets Away
11. Freak Seven – Surreal (Instrumental)
12. Photon Inc – Generate Power (Jimpster Main Mix)
13. Delano Smith – Metropolis
14. Antenna – Dance On Ruins (Legowelt remix)
15. Vertical67 – Radar
16. Arthur Oskan – Adrift
17. Orgue Electronique – Wind of Summer
18. Asok – Amber
19. Automatic Tasty – Tropic Exchange
20. Perseus Traxx – Thinking Of A New Love
21. Daphni – Ye Ye
22. Paul Woolford & Psycatron – Stolen
23. Arthur Oskan – Maximillian
24. Noraj Cue – The Road to Kefalos
25. Lake People – Changeover (Ghostek Garridge Remix)
26. Martin Denny – Jungle Flower

Picture credit:
Pandora Universe, Second Life


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