The Last Supper: Training for the Wellington Round the Bays 2013

Southern Cross Garden Bar
Southern Cross Garden Bar

One of my favourite cafes in London was the Angel Inn near the tube station in Islington. The words “sausage, bacon, beans and chips and a tea three pounds forty” still echo in my ears just thinking about the place. It was one of those cafes where almost everything came with chips. Lasagne and chips. Spaghetti Bolognese and chips. And of course any combination of sausage, egg, bacon and beans you could image. I was thinking about it today after going for a carb heavy lunch in readiness for the Round the Bays tomorrow. Basically my lunch at the Southern Cross consisted of the pasta special and a large pile of chips from helping someone else finish off their lunch. This is basically what the Angel Inn used to serve up! I wonder if they ever realised the market they could have tapped in to with their chips and pasta specials…

So, less that twenty four hours to go. This time tomorrow I’ll be either celebrating or… celebrating. I want to run under 1.40 tomorrow and I know from one of my better 20km runs this is totally possible, but I won’t be home crying into my pillow if I don’t make it. I read a nice story about someone who didn’t make the four hour target they’d set for a marathon, but instead of being disappointed they were still happy because they felt twice as motivated to break four hours next time. I love that attitude.

Right now there’s not much preparation left to do. I had a long 2 week taper simply because I couldn’t find time for any really long runs over the last couple of weeks, but I did manage a couple of hilly 10kms and a few of my regular 5km loops around Johnsonville. I’m glad to say the shins are feeling fine. This evening I’ll do more stretching and go for a bit of a swim. Sorted out a little bag of jelly beans to carry in my pocket tomorrow. The new singlet I got my with race pack is washed and ready. I’ve decided it’s not necessary to wax my shoulders when wearing an armless singlet, but I will need plenty of sunscreen as my pale shoulders don’t usually catch much sun! Looks like it’ll be a nice cool morning anyway, with southerly winds and maybe a shower.

All that’s left is to say good luck to everyone tomorrow. And also a big thank you to the helpers and organisers, plus all the people who live along the route for putting up with thousands of people trampling past their front door! One of them will be me, probably groaning a bit but certainly happy.

See you on the start line… :)


4 thoughts on “The Last Supper: Training for the Wellington Round the Bays 2013

  1. Two week taper is good. I did four half marathons in four weeks in 2011. Best time was in the second, which was two weeks after the first. Times got worse in each of the subsequent two, each of which was a week after the preceding one. I wouldn’t do it again: by the third one, I was mentally tired of racing and didn’t enjoy it or get the best out of myself.

  2. Yeah that’s a good point Tim. Need to change things round a bit to keep things interesting. My next race is a 10km in June so I’ll try some different training for that, some speed work or something, short fast intervals. Not sure yet – I’m just making it up as I go along as usual ;)

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