In Deep #038 (29th Jan 2013) – Round the Bays Special

In Deep #038

Summer. Hot. Can’t seem to get much done by day so I bide my time until the fragrant cool of dusk settles over everything. Then it’s okay to pull on my running shoes and head out, eyes wide, ready to shake off the sticky lethargy of the day. I really wanted a long, uplifting mix of deep house and nu disco to keep me going on long evening runs while I train for this year’s Wellington Round the Bays half marathon, so I pulled out a load of faves from the past few years and threw together this mix. The first ten minutes or so are a kind of warm up then it’s off on a long distance soundtrack round the Wellington waterfront, legs pumping and heart racing.

I couldn’t resist including lots of upbeat nu disco from Ajello in this mix. There’s an irresistible “lets-go!” feeling about their music that never fails to pick me up and get me moving. There’s also some lovely rolling house music from Delano Smith, Future Beat Alliance and Franck Roger and a couple of bassy pumpers from Cosmic Belt and Dr. Bass that always give me goosebumps. Finally, if you make it through two hours of sweat and grind to the end, regardless of whether you’ve travelled 10km or 25km, your reward is the all conquering bionic awesomeness of Mandre “M3000 Opus Vi” – That’s you, up there, sticking the flag on the top of the mountain!

Enjoy the mix, and good luck with the training!

Olaf Quintessa – In Deep #038
Recorded 29th Jan 2013

120 mins. 320 kbps MP3 (274 MB)

Click here to download or go here to listen on Mixcloud

1. Dennis DeSantis – Function Creep
2. Chymera – Ghosts
3. Dennis Garcia – Door To Dimension 4 (Bangkok Impact remix)
4. Ajello – Dolphy
5. Ichisan – Tips & Tricks
6. Delano Smith, Gavin Herlihy – Krypton Factor (Delano’s Deep Space Mix)
7. Future Beat Alliance – Mourning
8. Bangkok Impact – Premature Ejaculation
9. Alden Tyrell – Touch the Sky featuring Mike Dunn (Gerd’s Double G Mix)
10. Dexter – X7D
11. Vincenzo – Keep Moving feat. Lisa Shaw
12. Yaron Cohen – White Rabbit (Shur-I-Kan Remix)
13. Dr.Bass – Sentiment
14. Sebastian Davidson, Nick Orisun – Natural (Cosmic Belt Mix)
15. Franck Roger – La Moule
16. Cosmic Belt – Time Flies
17. Ron Trent – Blood And Fire
18. Alpha Child – Gamma Ray (Franc’s Rolling Dub)
19. Future Beat Alliance – Discordant
20. Oliver Koletzki – Nascita Of The Monsters (Ajello Remix)
21. Analog People In A Digital World – Unordinary Habits (Ajello Remix)
22. Martin Virgin, South eXpress – Happy Days (Ajello Remix)
23. Pete Herbert – Yo Drums (Ajello Version)
24. Mandre – M3000 Opus Vi (Felix Dickinson Nick the Record Edit)

Picture credit:
Belgian Ardennes and New Zealand Natural Parks, Second Life


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