In Deep #037 (30th May 2012)

Back after a long break with a new episode of In Deep! The last few months have been spent trying to develop a writing habit, with minor success. There are some short stories nearly finished, but as with everything in life getting the last 2 per cent right takes up ninety percent of the time. So I’ve nothing to show for all the head scratching and key tapping yet! But soon, if you like science fiction and electronic music, there might be something of interest, so please stay tuned. In the meantime I couldn’t help wanting to get back to In Deep again. There’s been some great music out over the last few months.

There’s new music in this mix from Daniel Ray, Moomin, Nick Lawson and Roy Gilles, plus a fantastic reissue on Rush Hour of “Song of the Siren” by Aphrodisiac, original released in 1990. I also did a bit of digging through the back catalog of the Untitled Music record label, which is based here in Wellington NZ and has already built up a formidable catalog after just a year in action. Cracking tunes from Marc Cotterell, and Santiago Santamaria come off the UM Records label.

Moomin provides a couple of deep cuts here that I really love. “Catch a cold” and “Humbling love” are from the Sleep Tight EP on Smallville records, and have a blissful, innocent quality, like a summer picnic. Both tracks are built around gently evolving loops that don’t seem to do much over the course of the track, but provide an all-loving, soothing space to float in. Beautiful. I also like the palette of drums and percs, which provide a nice Chicago feel.

However, pick of the week is the Legowelt remix of “Walking on the moon” by Paride Saraceni. Unicorn house at its finest, this is psychedelic dance music from the luminous forests of Altair-4, with wandering, multilayered synths, trippy analogue tape effcts, broad kickdrums, lots of swing, and oceans of echo. It all comes together to form an organic, orgasmic experience that is uniquely Legowelt.

Thanks to everyone who tuned in on Future Music radio or came along to say hi at the Deep House Cafe in Second Life. Keep on eye on the Twitter feed for news of upcoming shows and podcasts, and maybe even a little light reading. Enjoy the mix!

Olaf Quintessa – In Deep #037
Recorded live on Future Music radio, 30th May 2012

117 mins. 192kbps MP3 (160 MB)

Click here to download

1. Above Smoke – Grooving You
2. Afrilounge – Gold
3. Lemon Popsicle – Leaving Home (Stel Remix)
4. Daniel Ray – Whisper
5. Donato Dozzy, Nuel – Lazar
6. Moomin – Catch A Cold
7. The Noodleman – Starlight (Ooft Remix)
8. Nick Lawson – Drum Boppin (Jordan Peak Remix)
9. Marc Cotterell – Untitled Track One (Brian Ffar Remix)
10. Boo Williams – Fruits Of The Spirit
11. Sygaire – The Time Is Now (Shur-I-Kan remix)
12. Pablo Gael – A Perfect Place
13. Adam Marshall – Haze
14. Marvin Zeyss – Keep On (Shur-I-Kan Remix)
15. Tamere – Who Drank My Orange Juice
16. Fish Go Deep – Runaway
17. Santiago Santamaria – Digg It (Warm Mix)
18. Roy Gilles – Warm ‘N’ Confused
19. Jimpster – Late Night Blues
20. Feedback – Walk the Line (Mark Du Mosch Remix)
21. Burnski, Manik – You Know What Its Like (Gerd’s Deep Voyage)
22. Paride Saraceni – Walking With The Moon (Legowelt Remix)
23. Moomin – Humbling Love
24. Aphrodisiac – Song Of The Siren

Picture credit: Da Vinci Gardens, Second Life


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