In Deep #036 (7th Jan 2012)

The first In Deep of 2012! It’s probably a bit late to say happy new year, but I hope 2012 has been treating you well so far. It’s taken a while to get this podcast out, mainly because I decided to try and “go legit” and see if I could get permission from all of the artists involved to include their tracks. This was prompted by an interview by Ben Watt about copyright and piracy that I read recently. In the end I got permission from (nearly) everyone that I heard back from, covering 17 out of the 25 tracks. The remainder I wasn’t able to clear simply because nobody got back to me. There’s a few words about the whole escapade in my article Don’t Fake It: Copyright and the Mixtape. I figure that 17 out of 25 isn’t bad though, so here’s the mix for you to enjoy.

There’s new music (well, it was new in January) this week  from Alex Agore, Perseus Traxx, Roy Gilles and Vick Lavender, some classic 95 North and Jose Nunez, plus one of my all time fave deep house tracks, “Sunday Session” by Weekender (still longing for that re-release of the Toko back catalog). There’s also some new, unreleased cuts from The Same Old Souls – lush deep house from the South Island.

Some of my favourite tracks this week come from Alex Agore and Perseus Traxx. “Feel It”, “Stay Together” and “Do U Believe” come from the new ep on No Matter What records by Alex Agore, and are ripe and bouncy house tracks with a 1990s, garagey vibe. The sharp percs and big-assed, swinging basslines hit the spot perfectly, sitting very nicely alongside the daddy of all swingers, “Get Your Mind Together” by 95 North from 1994. “Coded Emotion” and “Sticky Fingers” by Perseus Traxx take us back even further to 1980s Chicago – Beautiful and elemental slices of house music that pick up the trail started by Mr Fingers into a land of lucid drum machine dreams.

However, pick of the week comes from John Heckle. “Fly City” came out on the ever amazing Mathematics Records in November and, as with a lot of Mathematics releases, has somehow landed here from an alternative dimension. There is no surface to the music – It comes at you directly and with total honesty, the synth patterns and raw drums laid bare in unabashed celebration. I can imagine tribes of green women on Venus dancing religiously to it. Anything that can make my mind do that is what I call a work of genius.

Shouts out to everyone who took the time to respond to my emails about including their music here! I got the final nod from all these guys: John Heckle, Perseus Traxx, Roy Gilles, Petr Serkin, 95 North, Alex Agore, The Same Old Souls, Freestyle Man, Vick Lavender, Chris Simmonds, Jose Nunez, Restless Soul. Big thanks!

Olaf Quintessa – In Deep #036
Recorded 7th Jan 2012

120 mins. 192 kbps MP3 (165 MB)

Click here to download

1. John Heckle – Fly City [Mathematics]
2. Perseus Traxx – Coded Emotion [Delsin]
3. Distortion – Throwback [Connaisseur Recordings]
4. Roy Gilles – Spotless Place [Blackrose records]
5. Petr Serkin – Junkyard [Shanti Records]
6. Be – Pass it On [Development]
7. 95 North – Get Your Mind Together [Large Records]
8. Alex Agore – Feel It [No Matter What]
9. The Same Old Souls – Health Benefits [Unreleased]
10. Harley & Muscle – Around Us [Little Angel Records]
11. Alex Agore – Stay Together [No Matter What]
12. Petr Serkin – Cassiopeia [Shanti Records]
13. Freestyle Man – One For Chez [Franco Bolli]
14. Jace Syntax – Roots Of House [Crayon]
15. Alex Agore – Do U Believe? [No Matter What]
16. Kerri Chandler – Back To The Raw (Instrumental Mix) [Deeply Rooted House]
17. Vick Lavender – Astronaut (DeJay Cease Love 4Soul Remix) [Open Bar Music]
18. Weekender – Sunday Session [Toko]
19. Perseus Traxx – Sticky Fingers [Bunker Records]
20. The Same Old Souls – Moving On [Unreleased]
21. Blakdoktor – Heaven In Your Eyes (Xpression Mix) [Shaboom]
22. Chris Simmonds – Message From The Duke [Cross Section]
23. Jose Nunez – In My Life feat. Octahvia (Jose’s Vocal Mix) [Subliminal]
24. Naohito Uchiyama – Halo [Foureal Records]
25. Restless Soul feat. Zansika – And I Know It (Jose Carretas Instrumental Mix) [Seasons]

Picture credit: Elven Realm Unicorn Sanctuary, Second Life


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