In Deep #035 (30th Nov 2011)

This week’s show has a freewheeling, eclectic feel to it, starting off spaced out and abstract and gradually warming up. There’s new music from Kez Ym, Moomin, Deep Space Orchestra, Boris Werner and John Shima amongst others, plus some golden age tech house from Circulation.

I’m happy to say I’ve had a run of discovering lots of great music recently. “En Livfull Skildring” by Joel Alter and Henrik Jonsson is an evocative, space age slice of tech house which I came across on a Shinohara Heavy Industries podcast and fell in love with straight away. The superb Napalm Enema records hits the right notes again with “Superstar Cosmic Traveller Acid” by Acid Elf, while “The Road to Kefalos” by Noraj Cue is sun fuelled, rolling tech house to perfection.

However pick of the week comes all the way from Alpha Centauri, with some beautiful, low slung, Chi style deep house from Takeshi Kouzuki. “Nothing Sunny” sounds like the soundtrack for a chilled out day on a planet with two suns and green skies, with a freeform, airy feel that conjures up Larry Heard and Jamal Moss.

Thanks everyone who tuned in on Future Music radio for the live broadcast! Despite the picture there’s actually nothing remotely Christmassy or seasonal about this mix, just lots of great house music. Hope it puts a smile on your face. Back with more soon..

Olaf Quintessa – In Deep #035
Recorded live on Future Music radio, 30th Nov 2011

125 mins. 192 kbps MP3 (172 MB).

Click here to download

1. Takeshi Kouzuki – Nothing Sunny
2. Moomin – Neither One
3. Marcello Napoletano – The Land of the Groove
4. Deep Space Orchestra – Vanishing Point (Marcello Napoletano House Mix)
5. Fog – Criminel D’amour
6. Moomin – Watermelon
7. Kez Ym – Alley Of Mind
8. Marco Bernardi – Innocense of Pleasure
9. Deep Space Orchestra – Ghetto Science Institute (Neville Watson Remix)
10. Takeshi Kouzuki – Place Is A Machine
11. Joel Alter, Henrik Jonsson – En Livfull Skildring
12. Subb-an, Anomaly Jones – Positive Expression (Dub Mix)
13. Legowelt – Transmissions from Earth 2011
14. Lone – Cobra
15. Teflon Dons – L.O.V.E.
16. Kez Ym – Rusty Parade
17. Move D, Benjamin Brunn – New Horizon
18. Acid Elf – Superstar Cosmic Traveller Acid
19. The Mafia Sauce Killers – Light
20. John Shima – Boundries
21. Eddi Shkiper – Dream Logic
22. Boris Werner – How Far Can I Go
23. Juju, Jordash – Bleached Roots
24. Noraj Cue – The Road To Kefalos
25. Tony Lionni – Found A Place
26. Circulation – White
27. Craylo – Define By Light

Picture credit:
ZombiePopcorn Dark Magic Winter, Second Life


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