In Deep #034 (9th Nov 2011)

A cracking show this week as I’ve been coming across lots of great music recently, new and old. Things start off slow and groovy and the vibe gradually picks up throughout the show, taking in all sorts from beatdown and deep house to tech house, two step and a bit of italo. There’s new music from Tornado Wallace, Nick Turner, Cloudmasterweed, Wolke, Maxi Mill, Claude Young (with superb remix by Kirk Degiorgio), Rick Wade, Lando Kal, and Antoni Maiovvi (on the excellent new Sauroid label!).

Hard to make a pick of the week as there’s so much good stuff. “Love me too” by Nick Turner is a gorgeous, deep track with an irresistable bassline and swooning synths that perfectly encapsulates the loved up vocals. However it’s “Theme” (produced by Delano Smith and Derwin Hall) from the Detroit Beatdown Vol.2 compilation that truly gives me goosebumps whenever I hear it. There’s a feather light touch to the track, but it’s still rich and luscious and totally captivating. Strings fade in and out of focus on top of a deep, intense groove. Whenever I hear it I imagine big, bassy speakers in dark room, and how good it would sound there, and the pleasure of dancing. That’s about as perfect as house music can make you feel.

Thanks to everyone who listened in on Future Music radio or came along to The Shipwrights in Second Life to say hi! Great to see you all. Back with more soon!

Olaf Quintessa – In Deep #034
Recorded live on Future Music radio, 9th Nov 2011

Click here to download

120 mins. 192 kbps MP3 (163 MB)

1. Genius Of Time – Houston We Have A Problem
2. Tornado Wallace – Rainbow Road
3. DJ Spinna – Ladbroke Groove 2009
4. Nick Turner – Love Me Too
5. Contra Communem Opinionem – An Emotional Moment With The Sun
6. Bjak – Your Love feat Janet Cruz (Above Smoke remix)
7. Smith & Hall – Theme from Detroit Beatdown
8. Rick Wade – 21 Miles
9. Cloudmasterweed – Sunny (Mattimoe-Perrine Remix)
10. Dzeta, Basile – Org Org (Caytas & Patz Remix)
11. Lars Behrenroth – Within Reason
12. Sam And Gigi – On The Edge (Blakkat Dub)
13. Wolke! – 003.2
14. Maxi Mill – To The Next
15. Makam – Family Reunion (Delano Smith Reconstructed Remix)
16. Scope – Mission Control
17. Vince Watson – Come With Me
18. Claude Young, Takasi Nakajima – Rapture (Kirk Degiorgio Remix)
19. Transfusion – Chicago Dancefloor Voodoo (D’s 12 Edit)
20. Lone – Blossom Quarter
21. Lando Kal – Maneuver
22. Antoni Maiovvi – 6000SEX
23. DP-6 – Deep Sea (Dirigible 5 Remix)
24. Salt City Orchestra – The Book (Hardback Dub)

Picture credit: The Lolo, Second Life


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