In Deep #033 (16th Oct 2011)

This week’s In Deep comes to you live from Bebu, an online hangout for deep house heads run by the delectable Lanne Wise. Bebu opened its doors back in July, carrying on from the much loved Terra Lounge, and you’ll find a friendly and appreciative house crowd there most Sundays. Well worth checking out. Say hello when you get there!

Leo Gunn gets things off to an uber deep start this week, then Pittsburgh Track Authority picks up the mood and gets a groove going. “77b” is stripped down Chicago house deepness with a funky bassline and some nice disco strings. An effortless track that keeps growing on me the more I listen to it. There’s new music this week from Legowelt, Fudge Fingas, Eddie Matos and D’Marc Cantu, plus some vintage Rick Wade from 1998 which has just been re-released on PND Music.

Gerd’s “Palm Leaves” continues a wonderful string of releases on Clone’s Royal Oak label, but pick of the week has to be “Running Backwards”. Lovebirds pull off an absolutely stunning rework of Steve Reich’s “Electric Counterpoint”, a modern classical piece first recorded in 1987 by American guitarist Pat Metheney. I remember taping it off the radio when I was a teenager and listening to it over and over again in my headphones, hypnotised and awestruck. Lovebirds make the most of its elated cycles and turn out a wonderful, uplifting house track. A classic rework of the classic original.

Thanks again to everyone who tuned in for the live stream or came along to Bebu – Great to see you all! Also cheers to Lanne for having me over to play. In Deep is a little sporadic at the moment but there are more live broadcasts and podcasts on the cards. Stay tuned!

Olaf Quintessa – In Deep #033
Recorded live at Bebu, 16th Oct 2011

95 mins. 192 kbps MP3 (130 MB).

Click here to download

1. Leo Gunn – Lowdown
2. Pittsburgh Track Authority – 77b
3. Loin Brothers – Garden Of Vargulf (Tornado Wallace Mix)
4. Lovebirds – Running Backwards
5. Anton Zap – Can’t Wait For Snow
6. Legowelt – Saucolito Park
7. Tevo Howard – Northside (Part One)
8. Fudge Fingas – What Works
9. Alain Ho – Into A Deep (Hot Toddy Remix)
10. Office Gossip – Var. II
11. The Godson, DJ Raybone – Nova 2
12. Tom Trago – Lost in the Streets of NYC
13. Steve Summers – Dreaming In Color
14. Shur-I-Kan – String Killer
15. Eddie Matos – Hypnotized (Anton Zap Remix)
16. Daniel Ray – Unveiled Secrets
17. Sebastian Davidson – Where We Are
18. Hiroshi Watanabe – Isolated Soul
19. Rick Wade – 2 A.M Detroit
20. Gerd – Palm Leaves
21. D’Marc Cantu – A Second Earth

Picture credit: Bebu, Second Life


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