In Deep #031 (7th Sept 2011)

A nice deep house and Chicago house start to the show this week, with some new cuts from Maya Jane Coles, Daniel Ray, Gene Hunt and Gerd, plus the beautiful “Ever Or Not” from the John Roberts album “Glass Eights”. The pace picks up a bit in the second half of the show, with some uplifting and techy vibes from the likes of Future Beat Alliance, Alexander Robotnik and Jay Tripwire. The Mafia Sauce Killers bring the acid.

Just recently I was pleased to come across the amazing Sauroid record label, with a catalogue that consists of some superb electro, italo and acid house presented with gorgeous golden age sci-fi covers. Antoni Maiovvi‘s “Variable Man” came out on Sauroid’s fourth release in April and is a shimmering nu disco track with hyperactive 80’s style synths and invigorating italo pheromones. Will be keeping a close eye on them in the future.

One of my faves this week is the stunning new release by Murphy Jax in the Clone Jack For Daze series. The Orgue Electronique take on “Kevin Spacey” is a breezy, new school acid house track with bold pianos, crisp percs, and a rolling bassline. But pick of the week comes from the new “Beat The Street EP” by Italian producer Simoncino on Mathematics records. “Target” and “Jungle Dream” come straight out of a platonic realm of deep, 80s Chicago house – sounding like timeless archetypes of house music, with distinctive bassline stabs, warm synths and classic drumkits. Both the Murphy Jax and Simoncino releases are like time travel of the best kind, back to a wave of creativity and imagination that was sparked 20 odd years ago and is still fruitful today.

Thanks to everyone who came along to the Deep House Cafe in Second Life or tuned in on Future Music radio for the live broadcast. Great to see you all there, plus it was nice of Totoro, Noh-Face and Giraffe to join us and get down to the music! Back with more this Wednesday!

Olaf Quintessa – In Deep #031
Recorded live on Future Music radio, 7th Sept 2011

121 mins. 192 kbps MP3 (166 MB).

Click here to download

1. John Roberts – Ever Or Not
2. Maya Jane Coles – Focus Now
3. Elbee Bad, Gerd – H.O.U.S.E. (Gerd’s 2011 Ruff Dub)
4. Simoncino – Target
5. Nhar – Innerplace (John Daly Dub Mix)
6. Daniel Ray – Pacify
7. Gene Hunt, Ms. Jocelyn Brown – Get Away (Instrumental Beatdown)
8. Kez Ym – Inner City Funk
9. Dubbyman – Endtropia feat. feat. Hoheluft (Above Smoke Remix)
10. Roman Fluegel – How To Spread Lies
11. Subfossil – Andromeda
12. Space – Carry on turn me on (Time Space Machine mix)
13. Murphy Jax – Kevin Spacy (Orgue Electronique Remix)
14. Antoni Maiovvi – The Variable Man
15. Alexander Robotnik – Running about
16. Future Beat Alliance – Endless Blue
17. The Mafia Sauce Killers – Dimension
18. Dafluke – Date With Dora
19. Kerri Chandler – OPL-3
20. Simoncino – Jungle Dream
21. Adam Marshall – Evil Jungle Prince
22. Antoni Maiovvi – Spinning In Cyberspace (Instrumental version)
23. Timothy Allan, Marcia – Strangers In the Dark (Alternative version)
24. Jay Tripwire – Paprika
25. DJ EFX – Nature’s Art

Picture credit: Deep House Cafe, Second Life


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