In Deep #028 (29th Jun 2011)

Detroit makes a good showing this week, with a couple of superb cuts by Dorian Gig and Drivetrain from the Detroit: Deepconstructed EP on Soiree Records. “The James Herbert Theory” and “Driven” both have that characteristic Motor City emotional warmth, awash with knowing synths and strings, and with casual, slow grooves that allow plenty of time to soak up the atmosphere. There’s also new music from Deep Space Orchestra, 9west, plus some wonderful Takeshi Kouzuki on Mathematics Records.

Retrac is an artist I only discovered recently but got a real kick out of straight away. Hailing from Leeds and with releases on Apparel Music, Resopal Schalware, and indigo raw under his belt, he is obviously a producer who knows what makes the feet happy and the heart smile. “Starts With a Horse”, “Don’t Resist” and “Won’t Resist” all have ounces of bounce and a playful, light-hearted attitude that is, as the title says, hard to resist.

Another recent discovery comes from closer to home. “Dream Girl” is a booming floor wobbler with heavy drums and sharp, swinging percussion by fellow Wellingtonians White On Rice. It’s also the stand out track on The Hip Drop’s 2011 NZ Music Month EP which you can check out here.

However, it’s back to Detroit for the pick of the week, and a sublime Terrence Dixon track which was released on Thema Records back in March. “After Five” is deep house stripped down to the bare essentials, while remaining sophisticated, thoughtful and abundantly warm. The percussion and melody bounce ideas off each other like a couple of jazz musicians jamming together in a back room, occasionally rising to a crescendo of claps and organ stabs, while at other times easing back into deeper tones. The whole track is also slathered with mesmerising amounts of deep bass. Lovely stuff!

Thanks to everyone who listened in on Future Music radio or came along to the Deep House Cafe in Second Life – Great to see you all!

Olaf Quintessa – In Deep #028
Recorded live on Future Music radio, 29th Jun 2011

119 mins. 192 kbps MP3 (162 MB)

Click here to download

1. Dorian Gig – The James Herbert Theory
2. Genius Of Time – Houston We Have A Problem
3. Lovebirds – Love and happiness
4. Deep Space Orchestra – Lo Pan
5. Chymera – Ghosts
6. Drivetrain – Driven
7. Retrac – Starts With A Horse
8. Holly Backler – Play With Me (Blakkat Dub)
9. Retrac – Don’t Resist
10. Black Jack – Thoughts
11. Terrence Dixon – After Five
12. Motor City Drum Ensemble – Keep Up
13. Jarno – Untitled #3
14. Retrac – Won’t Resist
15. White on rice – Dream Girl
16. Marco Bernardi – Broken Silences feat. Keith Tucker
17. Milton Jackson – Open My Eyes
18. 9west – Chasing Demons
19. Furry Phreaks – All Over The World feat. Terra Deva (CW Dub)
20. Steve Navaro – Missiah
21. John Daly – Space Walk
22. Lerosa – Tanned Legs
23. Mr. C – Full Moon
24. Takeshi Kouzuki – Tenmagu
25. Argy, Jerome Sydenham – Mogadishu Nights (Part 1)
26. Caliber – Night Grooves

Picture credit: Crater Lake, Second Life


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