In Deep #027 (12th June 2011)

Sandwell District and Mr Fingers get us on the road this week, with two superb tracks which seem to echo each other across more than two decades of electronic music. There’s also new music from Lady Blacktronika, Tevo Howard and Steffi, plus a couple more goodies from the new Vincenzo album.

Lone is an artist I only came across recently and straightaway he blew a fuse in my brain. His fusion of Boards of Canada sensibilities and Detroit techno really pushes my buttons, especially with tracks like “For Ed” which throw together a huge gallumphing bassline, stark Detroit beats and warm analogue synths into one magical package. Will be following Lone closely from now on.

Pick of the week though is Kassem Mosse’s untitled contribution to the new Laid Compilation. There is an artisan of rhythm at work here. The drums bubble like pools of hot volcanic mud, while the percussion clatters and rolls like factory machines in a trance. Just the interplay of these two elements is enough to fascinate, but some chimes floating over the top also add tenderness and warmth. A genuine beauty.

Thanks to everyone who listened in to the live stream or came along to Le Living Room in Second Life where this set was recorded. I had in mind playing a fairly eclectic set for this session, but the way it turned out is all due to the nice vibes and feedback from the crowd that came along. Great to see you all! Catch the next live broadcast on Future Music radio this week..

Olaf Quintessa – In Deep 027
Recorded live at Le Living Room, 12th June 2011

113 mins. 192 kbps (156 MB)

Click here to download

1. Sandwell District – Speed And Sound (Regis Z-Arts Lab Mix)
2. Mr Fingers – Can you feel it (John Daly remix)
3. Stu Patrics – Things Working (Karol XVII & MB Valence present Jackspeare Remix)
4. Satoshi Fumi – Java (Nacho Marco Remix)
5. Vincenzo – Sometimes Saturday
6. Danielle Baldelli, DJ Rocca – Space Scribble
7. Soulparlor – The Outer Rims (Recloose Remix)
8. Lady Blacktronika – Who Makes You Feel
9. Lone – Re-Schooling
10. Hunee – Leaf for Hand in Hand
11. Kassem Mosse – Untitled
12. Steffi – Arms (Lone Remix)
13. Lone – For Ed
14. Tevo Howard – Global Communication
15. Vincenzo – Keep Moving feat. Lisa Shaw
16. Steve Summers – Deep Necking
17. Shades Of Rhythm – Sweet Sensation (Lone Remix)
18. Andrew Rags Richardson – Just a groove
19. James Johnston – I Know It’s Not Time (Rick Wade remix)
20. Asymmetric Soul, Meital De Razon – Running Around (Trancemicsoul Instrumental)
21. Space Dimension Controller – Transatlantic Landing Bay
22. The Model – Newly Found Voids
23. Random Factor – After the tone
24. Mark Ambrose – Chord Track
25. Milton Jackson – Ghosts In My Machines
26. Lone – Explorers
27. Long Ago – A Relic

Picture credit: Le Living Room, Second Life


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