In Deep #026 (25th May 2011)

Aeromaschine and Jussi-Pekka get things off to a deep start this week, with surround sound cymbals, ponderous keys and some nice rolling beats. Cottam and South West Seven provide some swing with a slightly rougher edge, while Hideo Kobayashi and Addex take a techier and more polished approach. There’s new music from Orlando B, Teflon Dons, and Reggie Dokes as well as some new offerings from Vincenzo.

“Tasmania” and “Keep Moving” both come from the superb new Vincenzo album “Wherever I Lay My Head” on Dessous Records. “Tasmania” is a beautiful, portentous track with echoey beats and edgy but understated strings – the kind of soundtracky deep house that makes you go “oooh”, like watching an eagle soaring over deep valleys in a nature documentary. “Keep Moving” features the copious talents of Lisa Shaw and has more of an uplifting, acid house vibe. All round a great album.

Pick of the week though is “I Know It’s Not Time” by James Johnston, which came out on No Matter What records in March. Rick Wade totally nails the percussion in his remix, which is sweet and lush and has an irresistable beatdown feel.

Thanks to everyone who tuned in on Future Music radio or came along to say hello in Second Life – Back with more in another week or two!

120 mins. 192 kbps MP3 (162 MB).

Click here to download

1. Aeromaschine – Seems Like It
2. Jussi-Pekka – Overnight
3. Francois Dubois – I Try (Steve Ferrand Remix)
4. DC – Riot (Vinyl Edit)
5. Cottam – Sunrise Sunset (Deep Space Orchestra Remix)
6. South West Seven – Mels Pockets (Ooft Remix)
7. Vincenzo – Tasmania
8. Manuel Tur – Fianchetto
9. Office Gossip – Sirius A
10. Orlando B – Contemplate
11. Atjazz – Parallels (Jazzanova Serial Remix)
12. Tony Lionni – Divine Being
13. Rick Wade – Bleach
14. James Johnston – I Know It’s Not Time (Rick Wade remix)
15. Andreas Bender – Streamin
16. Hideo Kobayashi – At The Lake
17. Vincenzo – Keep Moving feat. Lisa Shaw
18. Orlando B – Back To ’95
19. Edmund – Night Light (Cosmic Belt Remix)
20. Sygaire – The Time Is Now (Shur-I-Kan remix)
21. Addex – Moon City
22. Teflon Dons – L.O.V.E.
23. Nick Lawson – You Look Good
24. DJ Sneak, Chris Simmonds – Pressure
25. Reggie Dokes – Haiti

(Picture Credit: Innsmouth, Second Life)


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