In Deep #025 (18th May 2011)

Superb new music from Trinidadian Deep gets the show started this week. “Island Juju”, “Burning Bridges” and “Again” are all rich, sensual slices of house music from the new Trinidadian Deep album “Drums of Passion” on Future Vision Records. There’s also new music from Burnski, Gerd and Benjamin Brunn, while Phuture’s “Your only friend” is a dark warning of addiction and dread from 1987.

Jimpster’s “Inside the Loop” is a lovely deep house track with sparkly synths and some nice action on the claps and percussion, which has just been re-released on a new Freerange Records compilation. However pick of the week is a new release from Ron Trent on Future Vision Records. “The Clan Speaks” is a beautiful, expansive piece of house music awash with a kind of tropical psychedelia – The kind of music to soak up, like hot, beach sunshine.

Thanks everyone who came along to The Shipwrights in Second Life or tuned in on Future Music radio – Great to see you all!

Olaf Quintessa – In Deep #025
Recorded live on Future Music radio, 18th May 2011

116 mins. 192 kbps MP3 (157 MB).

Click here to download

1. Trinidadian Deep – Island Juju
2. Jimpster – Inside the loop
3. Ron Trent – The Clan Speaks
4. Freestyle Man – One For Chez
5. Trinidadian Deep – Burning Bridges
6. Atjazz – From Me To You
7. Alton Miller – Can’t Hide It
8. Trinidadian Deep – Again
9. Rosko, Sumsuch – Latenite Bypass (Manoo remix)
10. The Timewriter – Revealing The Sound (Milton Jackson remix)
11. Burnski – There’s a Culprit
12. Gerd – Time & Space (2011 Rub)
13. Mark Farina – Life (Pezzner Mix)
14. Rithma – Caves, Tunnels (Johnny Fiasco remix)
15. The Messenger – Something In Your Eyes
16. Serafim Tsotsonis – Mr. Wad (Nikos Diamantopoulos remix)
17. Benjamin Brunn – Acidic Sun
18. Lucas Keizer – Tomorrow
19. Burnski – Watch Out
20. The Tortoise – Next Time Around (Hunee Mix)
21. Phuture – Your Only Friend
22. Kerri Chandler, Jerome Sydenham – Rising The Sun
23. Blaze – Celestine Prophecy (Album Mix)
24. DJ Gentle – Simple Love
25. Kuba Sojka – Bright Shadow Of A Star

Picture Credit: Hangars Liquides, Second Life


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