In Deep #023 (4th May 2011)

Having spent the past month off air it felt good to be back at the decks, and this week’s show turned out to be one of the best. I think this is going to be a favourite of mine for a long time to come – There’s some superb new music from Hunee, Basic Soul Unit and Anton Zap, some old greats from Mike Huckaby and Recloose, plus lots of quality house music from the years inbetween.

PeteBlas and HomePark get things off to a chilled start, then Harley & Muscle pick up the vibe with the wonderful “Around Us”. Hunee’s “Leaf for hand in hand” is a truly larger than life house track with so many elements it sounds like it could fly apart at any moment, but it’s brilliantly held together and has more swing than a wife-swappers convention.

“Inter…Jingle” by Darren Brandon is a Chicago-ey house track which was released on the mighty Alleviated Records in 2001, and has a perky, addictive riff sequenced over some very tight drums. Then comes Alex Agore’s “Who’s Gonna Lose”, one of my favourite tracks from the last few years, with a bassline I could ride happily away on into the sunset. “The Jazz Republic” is an old classic from Cross-Section records, while Basic Soul Unit provide some sensitive techno/tech house. “Candle Lit” was released on the 120 track Japanease compilation, a fundraiser for Japan.

Adam Marshall is a Canadian dj/producer/label owner I’ve only just had the pleasure of discovering – His New Kanada imprint is a treasure trove of gritty, eclectic house and techno with his own releases providing many of the standout moments. “Jamming the Unit” is a shadowy, sleazy house track with a cinematic feel which reminds me of Alexander Robotnik. My pick of the week though comes from Motor City Drum Ensemble. “There’s a Truth” was originally released on Raw Cuts Vol.1 in 2008 and has an irresistable, spooky groove, with crisp percussion and the trademark MCDE tumbling bassline!

Thanks to everyone who came along to The Shipwrights or listened in on Future Music radio – Great to see you all, again!

Olaf Quintessa – In Deep #023
Recorded live on Future Music radio, 4th May 2011

120 mins. 192 kbps MP3 (168 MB).

Click here to download

1. PeteBlas – Let’s Space
2. HomePark – On Me
3. Vakula – All The Same
4. Guru & Berny – How Do You Feel
5. Harley & Muscle – Around Us
6. Hunee – Leaf for Hand in Hand
7. Recloose – MYM 230
8. Kez Ym – Dull Me
9. Marco Bernardi – Klinsfrar Melode (Sprinkles Deeperama)
10. Adam Marshall – Thelon
11. Darren Brandon – Inter…Jingle
12. Alex Agore – Who’s Gonna Lose
13. Mike Huckaby – The Jazz Republic
14. Stephan Panev – Mishii (Surrealism’s We Go Deep mix)
15. Kerri Chandler – ESC
16. Basic Soul Unit – Rhythm of the Night
17. Francois Dubois – Tenori (Steve Ferrand Remix)
18. Delano Smith – Metropolis
19. Adam Marshall – Jamming The Unit
20. Motor City Drum Ensemble – There’s a Truth (feat. Stee Downes)
21. Franck Roger – Vogue
22. Rhythm of Elements – Guitar Suite (Alton Miller Remix)
23. Zemtsov – Everyday
24. Anton Zap – Untitled
25. Daniel Ray – After the storm
26. Basic Soul Unit – Candle Lit

(Picture credit: Terra Lounge, Chanthira)


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