In Deep #022: Guest mix – Matt Ford In Deep, 5th June 1998


I’m taking a break from the radio show for the next few weeks, so for this week’s podcast, instead of recording something new, I delved back in time to a mix I recorded in June 1998 – My very first “In Deep” mixtape.

At the time I was living in Coventry and had been doing a weekly show on student radio for a couple of years (that’s a photo of me in the studio, hunched over the very low decks!). I’d been buying records and DJing for about a year and a half, getting increasingly into deep house and tech house. Every Saturday morning I would head into town to go to Spin-a-disc and Freakbeat and spend a couple of hours listening to records. I vividly remember Saul in Spin-a-disc giving me “Ebers Groove” to listen to: “wait for the bassline on this one!”. I fell in love with it instantly.

I put together 6 “In Deep” mix tapes between 1998-2001, whenever I’d amassed enough good new tunes and felt like doing a new tape. A few of my friends got copies, but apart from that they mainly got played in the kitchen. My djing setup was pretty basic – Belt drive turntables and a two-channel mixer, bought second-hand from friends. The cross-fader was crackly so I never used it. Someone had adjusted the pitch fader on the decks so they could go to about +-30! They were so sensitive I don’t think the fader moved more than a centimetre throughout an entire set. But I never got around to fixing anything – it didn’t matter. My attention was so focussed when I was at the decks it felt like I had climbed inside the music, meshing the beats in my head and surfing one mix after another. Pure joy.


A lot of the tracks in this mix are bona fide classics now, such as “Road Block”, “Expansions”, “Miles Away” and “Here I Am”. I’m a bit hazy on tracks 10-16 though. I think a couple of them are from one of Tony Senghore’s labels, either Anonym or Gungeligung. I dearly wish I could remember what track 13 is – Superb, rolling tech house with punchy drums, an endless, echoey loop and some flutes which seem to flutter around moth-like over the top. It’s fitting that the mix rounds off with “Don’t fuck with my shit” – The first house record I ever bought and the one that really got me hooked on deep house. My desert island disc!

Enjoy the mix and please get in touch if you can ID any of the tracks I can’t remember! And a belated thanks to my flatmates who put up with me playing loud music a lot..

Matt Ford – In Deep June 1998
Recorded in Coventry, UK. 5th June 1998.

91 mins. 192 kbps MP3 (125 MB)

Click here to download

1. Greenbelt – Everyone (Jazz Mix) (DiY Discs)
2. ? (Cross Section Records?)
3. Idjut Boys & Laj – Jazz Fook (U Star Records)
4. House Proud People – Say Something (Cross Section)
5. Cricco Castelli – Road Block (SI Project)
6. Tim Deluxe – I Know (Cross Section)
7. Bright Lights (aka Hot Toddy) – Ebers Groove (Neon Heights)
8. Problem Kids – Miles Away (Paper Recordings)
9. Scott Grooves Feat. Roy Ayers – Expansions (Soma)
10. Blaze?
11. ? (Cross Section Records?)
12. La Cienda Honduras? (Anonym? Gungeligung Records?)
13. ? (awesome though!)
14. ?
15. Scaravilli – Rhode Island (Drop Dead Discs)
16. ? (Anonym? Gungeligung Records)?
17. Dellaware Saints – The Calling (Humboldt County Records)
18. Lexicon Avenue – Here I am (Rutabaga Mix) (Forensic Records)
19. Dirty Jesus – Don’t Fuck With My Shit (Paper Recordings)


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