In Deep #019 (2nd Mar 2011)

Bjak, Mahone and Nacho Marco get things off to a mellow start this week, before we head off to Chicago with true house vibes from Virgo Four and Steve Summers. “Lost inside of you” is from the new compilation on Rush Hour records of unreleased material by Virgo Four, and was originally recorded in 1986 – Moody, introspective synths swirl around echoey voices, underpinned by stark, insistent drums. It’s a beguiling track, like a darker, edgier version of Jungle Wonz “The Jungle”.

Boo Williams and Glenn Underground keep the deep, Chicago vibe going, then the mood steadily becomes more upbeat. The very fine “Time Traveller” and “La Moule” lead to Jay Tripwire’s “Paprika”, which is a superb slice of uplifting, rolling tech house. The Blakkat Mix of “Most of this moment” is a simple, acid laden head-nodder, then Boo Williams makes another appearance with the urgent “Moon Mans Return”.

Pick of the week though is “Galactic Transit” by Detroit’s The Oliverwho Factory – A raw, wigged-out house odyssey with vocals recorded live on Neptune, swirling whirlygig synths, and heavy, Saturnian drums.

Thanks to everyone who came along to The Shipwrights in Second Life or tuned in to Future Music radio for the live broadcast.

Olaf Quintessa – In Deep #019
Recorded live on Future Music radio, 2nd Mar 2011

120 mins. 192 kbps MP3 (164 MB)

Click here to download

1. Bjak – Your Love feat. Janet Cruz (Above Smoke remix)
2. Mahone – Arrived
3. Nacho Marco, Raoul Lambert – Cinnamon Dreams
4. Nacho Marco – Delicate
5. Bjak – Free 2 Love
6. Alton Miller – Inner 5 Next Phase
7. Lerosa – Rex
8. Virgo Four – Lost inside of you
9. Steve Summers – Dreaming In Color
10. Boo Williams – Chicago Style Techno
11. The Deep, Playin’ 4 The City – My City Life
12. Glenn Underground – Waterhodes
13. James Johnston – Walk All Night
14. Vivace – 2 Need U
15. Blackjack – Time Traveller (2ylite’s Destination Mix)
16. Franck Roger – La Moule (Main Cut)
17. Jay Tripwire – Paprika
18. Fernando – Spiral (Fernando Rework)
19. Alexander Robotnik – Running about
20. The Messenger – Advanced Grooves
21. Jose Del Valle – Guayota (Finski Mix)
22. Tres Manos – September (Tres Manos Remix)
23. Manuel Tur and Holly Backler – Most of this moment (Blakkat Mix)
24. Moon Man – Moon Mans Return (Boo Williams Label Version)
25. The Oliverwho Factory – Galactic Transit (Recall Mix)
26. DJ EFX – Agua
27. Naohito Uchiyama – Halo
28. Risque 3 – Essence Of A Dream


LWE interview with The OliverWho Factory

Gridface interview with Merwyn Sanders of Virgo Four

Picture credit:
La Citta’ Perduta, Second Life


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