In Deep #017 (9th Feb 2011)

A laid back start to the show this week with some techy sounds from Doc Link, Kuniyuki Takahashi and Jevne, before the huge gallumphing funk of “Last Drive” kicks in and a more upbeat feel takes over. “Do the washing machine” is a great nu disco swinger, while “Back to house” is bobbly Chicago house at its fun-loving best. Alex Agore’s “Freedom” is one of my favourite tracks from the past year or so, with an irresistable bassline that I could eat in bowlfuls. And there are some classic sounds from Salt City Orchestra, Blaze and Black Science Orchestra, which need little introduction except to say that they’re brilliant. Pick of the week for me is the Hugo Giner edit of “Good night” which trots along very pleasantly with sunset chords and a nice, bubbly acid line.

Thanks to everyone who came along to The Shipwrights or listened in on Future Music radio – Great to see you all!

120 mins. 192kbps MP3 (160MB)

Click here to download

1. Doc Link, Rainy Payne – Relax (AtJazz remix)
2. Kuniyuki Takahashi – Set Me Free (Dub Mix)
3. Jevne – Moderize (Jay Tripwire Mix)
4. DJ Sprinkles – Grand Central Part 1 (Motor City Drum Ensemble Mix)
5. Jamie Lloyd – Last Drive (Gerd Remix)
6. Rodion, Golden Bug – Do the washing machine (Toomy Disco remix)
7. Toby Tobias – Highway 1
8. Terry Hunter – Back To House
9. Alex Agore – Freedom (A Mix)
10. 2ylite – Love Siren
11. Walter Jones – I Am Loved
12. Innocent Lovers – Neophunk (Ryo Murakami Remix)
13. John Gazoo – Force Yourself (Office Gossip Mix)
14. Salt City Orchestra – Theme From Salt City Orchestra
15. Gavin Boyce – Buttered Up
16. Jace Syntax – Roots Of House
17. Blaze – Moonwalk
18. Innocent Lovers – Echoes
19. W&P Hgg – Good night (Hugo Giner Edit)
20. Black Science Orchestra – Save Us (Funky Music)
21. Trinidadian Deep – Voyage Trinidadian (Remix)
22. Sam And Gigi – On The Edge (Blakkat Dub)
23. Joe DiPadova, Shea Marshall – I Love It (Dub Mix)
24. Ryo Murakami – Lunch Of God (Scott Ferguson Mix)

(Picture credit: The Untroubled Sound, Second Life)


2 thoughts on “In Deep #017 (9th Feb 2011)

  1. Nice set Olaf! BTW, the chord prog in the pick of the week is straight out of Stevie Wonder – Isn’t She Lovely ;)

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