In Deep #016 (26th Jan 2011)

Mainly deeper stuff this week, with some discoey sidesteps from Danielle Baldelli, DJ Rocca and Ajello, and some bubbling acid from Chicago Skyway. A recent highlight for me was discovering the wonderful “Nema EP” by Vakula, a Ukrainian producer with releases on Quintessentials, Uzuri and Third Strike records. All five tracks are top notch, with swinging beats and fuzzy moods in a beatdown style. “Beat Ja” is my favourite of the lot, with flagrant percussion and a heavyweight groove.

Thanks to everyone who came along to The Shipwrights or tuned in on Future Music radio – Great to see you all!

Olaf Quintessa – In Deep #016
Recorded live on Future Music radio, 26th Jan 2011

120 mins. 192kbps MP3 (164MB).

Click here to download

1. Erdbeerschnitzel – Tonight Is Today Is Tomorrow
2. Motor City Drum Ensemble – Raw Cuts #5
3. Vakula – Hoopa Loopa
4. Lars Behrenroth – Are You Sure?
5. Erdbeerschnitzel – 4 Months
6. Steve Ferrand – Spring Break
7. Leonid – Sadim
8. Patrice Scott – Beyond Deep
9. Leonid – Mora
10. Danielle Baldelli, DJ Rocca – Space Scribble
11. Steve Ferrand, Pete Sung – Dark Horse
12. Vakula – All The Same
13. Vakula – Nema
14. HomePark – On Me
15. Marcello Napoletano – The Land of the Groove
16. Vakula – Beat Ja
17. Chicago Skyway – Acid
18. Ajello, Daniele Baldelli – Cosmogony
19. Kuba Sojka – Bright Shadow Of A Star
20. Mr. C – Full Moon
21. Endangered Species – Ping Pong
22. Naomi Daniel – Feel The Fire (Chez n Trent Mix)
23. Vakula – Nerve
24. Kez Ym – Washing My Heart
25. Rubato – Here’s To You
26. Larry Heard – Guidance
27. Missing Soul – Luna Eternelle


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