In Deep #014 (5th Jan 2011)

In Deep gets off to a great start in 2011, hitting the deep house and disco acid road with new music by James Johnston, Okain, Marco Bernardi, and Luminodisco. Picks of the week, however, come from Leo Gunn and Steve Summers.

Leo Gunn is a producer from Adelaide, Australia whose latest EP “Rise and fall” came out on the ever wonderful Deep Explorer label. “Untitled” and “Lowdown” are beautiful deep house tracks with a slow, beatdown vibe. Unhurried, laconic beats underpin soothing chords, wistful half-melodies and the occasional eerie synth pad to produce a warm and emotional experience. A release of rare beauty, with an introspective mood I could savour for hours.

Steve Summers is one of the many musical aliases of New York producer Jason Letkiewicz. “Lucid Fingers” and “Seeing things” are both from the “Lucid Fingers EP” on Echovolt records, which has finally been released digitally after the vinyl release came out last June. Both tracks are intense invocations of early Chicago house voodoo, with wall-to-wall percussion, extravagant handclaps, and euphoric basslines that seem to have dancing feet of their own.

Elsewhere, the Sprinkles Deeperama mix of “Klinsfrar Melode” is another favourite this week – A dubby, extended cut which sounds like Basic Channel doing an old school house jam – while “Black & White” by Vakula is a wonderfully laid-back, deep house swinger with a low-slung bassline and soulful vocal snippets.

The set finishes off with a classic by Nick Holder which should need little introduction. I came across “Summer Daze” in a record shop in Covent Garden, and was instantly blown away by the incredible mixdown of a Pat Metheney song I knew from listening to my older brother’s jazz tapes when I was a teenager. At the time it was probably the most expensive record I had ever bought, being a limited edition one-sided white label with just “Nick Holder – Summer Daze” stamped on it in red ink! It was one of those records I whipped out and played to anyone who would listen to it, amazed what a beautiful and uplifting house track a Pat Metheney song could turn into, and I’m happy to say it stayed with me even when I moved halfway round the world to New Zealand. Now it’s like a telescope into the past, carrying me back 10 years to the time I first heard it – the remix of a song I knew even from 10 years before that, as a teenager.

Thanks to everyone who tuned in on Future Music radio or came along to The Shipwrights in Second Life for the live mix of the podcast. Great to see you all!

Olaf Quintessa – In Deep #014
Recorded live on Future Music radio, 5th Jan 2011

108 mins. 192kbps MP3 (147 MB).

Click here to download

1. Leo Gunn – Untitled
2. Leo Gunn – Lowdown
3. Tom Trago – Lost in the Streets of NYC
4. Ron Trent – Sensual Drums
5. Anton Zap – Can’t Wait For Snow
6. James Johnston – Feeling Good in the Dark (Moody Mix)
7. Okain – Scream (Nina Kraviz Remix)
8. Marco Bernardi – Klinsfrar Melode (Sprinkles Deeperama)
9. Steve Summers – Lucid Fingers
10. Luminodisco – Boommachine (Ajello Burrell Remix)
11. Steve Summers – Seeing Things
12. Tevo Howard – Dusa (Rough Mix)
13. Vakula – Black & White
14. Richard Les Crees – In The Dark (Fish Go Deep Remix)
15. James Johnston – Missed the Party
16. Kinky Movement – Right Right
17. JT Donaldson – Getting Up
18. Sasse – Fly
19. Marvin Dash – Red Sparrow
20. DJ Aakmael – Music
21. Alex Agore – Summer Rain
22. Chris Simmonds – Message From The Duke
23. Nick Holder – Summer Daze

Picture credit: Dubia City, Second Life.

Interview with Jason Letkiewicz


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