In Deep #013 (15th Dec 2010)

Deep house and disco acid this week, with new music by Jamie Lloyd, Pete Dafeet, Loin Brothers and Heinrich Dressel, and a couple of classics from Aphex Twin and Neil Landstrumm.

Gavin Boyce is a producer from Ireland with releases on Nordic Trax and Chillin Music, that I came across via the Untitled Music blog. For me, “Buttered Up” is one of those house tracks that completely flips my noodle – It’s perfect, underground house music that absolutely hits the spot, with sharp, swinging percussion, slightly out-of-tune melodies, and an elastic bassline with more bounce than a rubber kangaroo on a trampoline. It reminds me of something that might have come out on DiY records – Proudly underground music for dancing and sweating, unpretentious and irresistable.

My other pick of the week is the Felix Dickinson/Nick the Record edit of Mandre’s “M3000 Opus Vi”, a stellar jazz fusion / proto-electro / disco cut originally produced back in 1979. Mandre was the “mystery man from outer space” alter ego of American musician Andre Lewis, who played with numerous groups in the 70s such as the Frank Zappa band and Earth, Wind & Fire, and went on to work with Roger Linn on developing early drum machines. Synth-laden, funky, electronic, spaced-out, futuristic.. One of the direct ancestors of Space Dimension Controller. Mandre released 4 albums between 1977-1980, and recent re-releases have come out on Rush Hour Records. Well worth checking out to get your ears re-arranged.

Thanks to everyone who came along to The Shipwrights in Second Life or tuned in to Future Music radio – Great to see you all!

110 mins. 192 kbps MP3 (149 MB).

Click here to download

1. Morning Factory – Radioshow
2. Jamie Lloyd – Last Drive (Gerd Remix)
3. Gavin Boyce – To The Roxy
4. Fresh Tee – Nordic Waves
5. Office Gossip – Var. II
6. Ethyl, Flori – Coney Island Boppers
7. Gavin Boyce – Buttered Up
8. Santi Touch – Bateleur
9. Pete Dafeet – In flux (Atjazz remix)
10. Cosmin TRG – Groove Control
11. Boobjazz – Midnight Ceremony
12. Loin Brothers – Garden Of Vargulf (Tornado Wallace remix)
13. Sare Havlicek – Pleasure Storm feat. Hannah Mancini (Showing out mix)
14. Neil Landstrumm – Hallelujah Bleep Remix
15. Marco Bernardi – Innocense of Pleasure
16. Heinrich Dressel – Vicolo Ciero (Polysick remix)
17. Vincenzo – The Fruit Fly
18. House of Jezebel – Love & Happiness (Instrumental)
19. Aphex Twin – Delphium
20. Automatic Tasty – I Can See Your House From Here
21. Cosmic Belt – Innuendo
22. Spirit Catcher – Secret Stranger feat. Ilija Rudiman
23. Mandre – M3000 Opus Vi (Felix Dickinson & Nick the Record Edit)


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