In Deep #012 (1st Dec 2010)

Once again Space Dimension Controller provides inspiration – His remix of “Detroit State of Mind” is a slowly unfolding message from beyond the stars, communicated in shimmering galactic funk. I haven’t had time to decode the message yet (although I think it’s something to do with Electropods), but I decided to let it work subliminally while I was recording this week’s show and this is where it guided me.

Lots of disco-tinged and nu disco type stuff in the lineup this week, from Ajello, Walter Jones, Cosy Creatures and Raiders of the Lost Arp. The Time & Space Machine remix of “Carry on turn me on” is a very nice update of the 1977 classic by Space, with a bit of modern polish but the same otherworldly, disco spirit as the original. John Daly, Orgue Electronique, and Slava bring the acid house vibe, while Legowelt’s “Ocean Arrow” is a slowly pulsating house track heavily layered with analogue synths.

I’m not exactly sure what to call Alexander Robotnik’s “Love Supreme” – It’s raw, groovy dance music for sweaty back rooms, with an evocative, suggestive quality that makes me feel like it could be the soundtrack to a scene from “Chungking Express”. In terms of genres I’d call it “cine-disco”, which I’m sure will annoy people who don’t like categorising things but I’m all for the proliferation of names and genres. You can listen to the original EP here (“Love Supreme” starts at the 1min 50secs mark).

I’ve never really thought of genres as pigeon-holing music. Words are only shadows and reflections of the music itself. The more terms of reference, the more ways to piece together the source of that illumination, the greater the vocabulary you can use, the better. I’m not suggesting “cine-disco” should be in the Oxford Dictionary, but it’s a suggestive, on-the-fly shorthand for what I feel is the essence of the track. I think the way clouds are named is a nice example of the same thing – There are dozens of special names for describing exactly what a cloud looks like, that can be joined together in various ways to make up new names. This isn’t just a handy way of labelling all the weird and wonderful ways clouds can look though, because the appearance of the cloud is not the only thing being described. The name of a kind of cloud also tells you how it was formed and ended up looking the way it does – The physical process that gave rise to it. In the case of a piece of music, the genre that is used to describe it can also tell you something about the philosophy behind it.

Finally, there are some deep house goodies from Jay Tripwire and Ron Trent, and I couldn’t help playing “The Book” by Salt City Orchestra – a classic release from the dawn of Paper Recordings – after it was name-checked in an article about online music in Wired Magazine. Great to see such a fantastic old tune getting a mention.

Thanks again to everyone who tuned in to Future Music radio for the live broadcast or came along to The Shipwrights in Second Life. Great to see you all there. Enjoy the podcast!

117 mins. 192 kbps MP3 (161 MB).

Click here to download


1. Anthony Shakir – Detroit State Of Mind (Space Dimension Controller Remix)
2. Eddie Flashin Fowlkes – Powerquest
3. John Daly – Space Walk
4. Ajello – Dolphy
5. Dolle Jolle – Balearic Incarnation (Todd Terjes Extra Doll Mix)
6. Walter Jones – I Am Loved
7. Cosy Creatures – Adventures In Dancing (Deep Fried Cosy Interpretation)
8. Solila – Atlantis (Acos CoolKAs Night Mix)
9. JT Donaldson – Make You Higher
10. Alexander Robotnick – Love Supreme
11. Cosy Creatures – Espionage
12. Iker Undersound – Deep Freedom
13. Mike ‘Agent X’ Clark – Let Your Love (Charles Spencer Remix)
14. Hati Munetsi – Ceremony (techno mix)
15. Ron Trent, Erik Rico – Sensation (Dub Mix)
16. Timothy Allan, Marcia – Strangers In the Dark (Alternative Instrumental Mix)
17. Salt City Orchestra – The Book (Hardback Dub)
18. Jay Tripwire – 2012
19. Space – Carry on turn me on (Time Space Machine mix)
20. Orgue Electronique Texas, Brooklyn, Heaven – Original Mix
21. Raiders of the Lost Arp – Crashing
22. Shirley Lites – Heat You Up (Melt You Down) (Gerd’s 4lux Edit)
23. Legowelt – Ocean Arrow
24. Slava – Shapes of Summer


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