In Deep #011 (24th Nov 2010)

There’s a slower, beatdown-style vibe about this week’s show, inspired by a superb podcast I listened to recently by Mike Huckaby. The “My life with the wave show” is a 90 minute podcast featuring music made using his “My life with the wave” sample cd. Most of the music in the podcast has a slow, beatdown feel about it – Hypnotising deep grooves with vivid textures, jazz chords, and lots of swing.

Beatdown was something I only came across recently although I’d heard lots of tracks before then that fit the same vibe, by producers like Theo Parrish and Moodymann. It was brought to prominence with the release of the Detroit Beatdown Vol. 1 compilation on Third Ear Recordings in 2002, which featured music by Norm Talley, Mike Clark, Rick Wilhite, Eddie Fowlkes and others. It’s something that’s been going on in Detroit for a long time though, and doesn’t necessarily have to be about house music. As Norm Talley says in a Bleep43 interview:

“I think it’s rooted in the history of dance music most definitely, but I think it’s more about the vibe and the feeling rather than trying to put it into a certain category.”

The track which most represents the beatdown sound for me has to be Mike Huckaby’s 2010 remix of “Change”. Built around the progression of a few chords and a super deep bassline, with crisp, rolling percussion and a thudding kick, it’s a wonderfully beguiling track. As with a lot of beatdown stuff, it’s created from relatively few, lovingly crafted textures, simply programmed and allowed to run. It’s stripped down but there’s enough musicality to keep it interesting and sustain an atmosphere. I also love how clearly all the percussive elements come through in the mix.

It was through listening to the “My life with the wave show” that I came across Ernie, a Madrid-based producer who also runs the excellent Minuendo record label. Ernie’s tracks have a tender, deep vibe, with swinging grooves and jazzy, slightly dissonant chords that I find totally irresistable. Also this week, Rick Wade and Shur-i-kan bring a more upbeat vibe to the show, there’s new music from Kez Ym and Giorgio W, and a favourite old Shadow Kings track I remember buying from Vinyl Junkies in Soho a looong time ago. Pick of the week however has to be Nick Lawson’s “You Look Good” – A wonderful cut of slow, deep house with a woozy organ and clackety beats!

Thanks to everyone who came along to The Shipwrights in Second Life or listened in on Future Music radio – Great to see you all!

102 mins. 192 kbps MP3 (139 MB)

Click here to download

1. Ernie – Soul Of The Night
2. Ernie – Hotrod
3. Norm Talley – Change (Mike Huckaby 2010 remix)
4. Marcello Napoletano – Music Is For The People
5. Nick Lawson – You Look Good
6. JT Donaldson – Talk To Them
7. Alain Ho – Season’s Change
8. Timo Camillo – Autumn Tea-Party At Small Cafe
9. Addex – Moon City
10. Rick Wade – World Voice
11. Kez Ym – Pebbles
12. Ernie – The Alcoholics
13. Mahone – Arrived
14. Jarno – Untitled #3
15. Paul Du Lac – The House Of Spirits
16. Marco Bernardi – Broken Silences feat. Keith Tucker
17. Soul Minority – Six Nine (Rick Wade Remix)
18. The Shadow Kings – Catch The Sun
19. Ernie – Redux 24
20. Giorgio W – Mix the Gliss
21. Shur-I-Kan – String Killer
22. Myungho Choi – Shakin’ Bricks


Listen to Mike Huckaby’s “My life with the wave show” on Soundcloud: … 04-10-2010

Interview on the Bleep43 site with Norm Talley, Mike Clark and Delano Smith, talking about the Detroit beatdown sound and its history: … rview.html

Interview with Mike Huckaby, talking about music making, synths, Detroit, and deep house:


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