In Deep #008 (27th Oct 2010)

New music this week from Goldwill, Cosmic Belt, Spirit Catcher, The Timewriter and the outstanding combo of Fred Everything and AtJazz. This week I also spent a bit of time going through the back catalog of Japanese electronic music label UnderTone Recordings. UnderTone features artists such as Naohito Uchiyama, Shigeru Tanabu, and Sinsuke Fujieda, who were all new to me and were very pleasant discoveries.

Despite finding most artist collaborations pretty disappointing – The results usually sound quite bland, as if the producers have just cancelled each other’s ideas out – Fred Everything and AtJazz really do add up to more than just two big names on their latest release. The best elements of both producers stand out in “Back Together” and the whole EP of four tracks is top notch. My favourite cut is the AtJazz interpretation, which has that delicious AtJazz shuffle and a dubby, laid back feel.

The new Cosmic Belt album “An Act of Reason” on Glideslope records covers a few different styles, from tech house via prog house to synthpop, with a certain electronic bounciness being the hallmark sound that ties it all together. “Synthetic Dreamer” and “Truth is like the rain” have an 80s twist about them, so I thought I’d throw in a bit of Den Harrow to keep the vibe going. “Broken Radio” is an italo classic from 1985 with proto-electro beats, jaunty keys, and fantastic lyrics about fighting an alien invasion by playing loud dance music on the radio!

Naohito Uchiyama provides a much calmer influence with the lovely “Halo” and “Gabardine”, while “Clarinet” by Felipe Venegas is a brooding, introspective track with a semi-classical feel. My pick of the week is Sinsuke Fujieda’s “Morning”, as remixed by Satoshi Fumi – A beautiful, airy track with Larry Heard-like serenity. “Let’s go” gets another look in this week, while the show draws near to the end with an offbeat cut from Shigeru Tanabu. “Nowhere” has a meandering, experimental feel and sounds like a Reggie Dokes remix of Steve Reich, with criss-crossing guitar loops and a solid, propulsive kickdrum.

Thanks to everyone who came along to The Shipwrights in Second Life or tuned in to Future Music radio for the live broadcast. Great to see you all!

Olaf Quintessa – In Deep #008
Recorded live on Future Music radio 27th Oct 2010

120 mins. 192kbps MP3 (168MB)

Click here to download

1. Goldwill – Sketches
2. Fred Everything, Atjazz – Back Together (AtJazz’s Interpretation)
3. Manuel Tur – Fianchetto
4. Deep88 – Don’t Play Minimal Play Minigolf
5. Scope – Magic
6. The Timewriter – Libertine
7. Spirit Catcher – Human Factor
8. Francois Dubois – I Try (Steve Ferrand Remix)
9. Cosmic Belt – Synthetic Dreamer
10. Den Harrow – Broken Radio
11. Cosmic Belt – Truth Is Like The Rain
12. Scope – Night Reeds
13. Naohito Uchiyama – Halo
14. Felipe Venegas – Clarinet
15. Naohito Uchiyama – Gabardine
16. Sinsuke Fujieda – Morning (SF In The Park Mix)
17. Hanna Hais – Il Parlait Pas Francais (Larry Heard Mix)
18. Delano Smith – Road To Nowhere
19. The Blacklight Society – Give It Up
20. Manuel De La Mare, Matteo Matt – Celebrate (MidiDropMusic Remix)
21. E.B.E. – Cryptic
22. Sebastian Davidson – Swabian Pancakes (Estroe’s Raisins Remix)
23. Filipsson, Lindblad – Reflections
24. LawnChair Generals – Word Part II
25. FCL – Let’s Go
26. Shigeru Tanabu – Nowhere
27. Laurie Marshall – The Disco Spaceship


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