In Deep #007 (19th Oct 2010)

Quite an upbeat and techy feel to this week’s show, from the rolling tech house of “Gamma Ray” and “Transitional Objects” to the uplifting electronic soul of “Look up”. However there would be no “up” without the occasional “down” and things take a more introspective turn with “Limelight”, the latest deep house gem from The Timewriter, and the edgy, cinematic sounds of Pherox and John Daly with “Shelter”.

Dennis DeSantis provides both the beginning and the ending this week, with a couple of stirring tracks from his 2005 album “Five Minutes, Today, Forever”. “Function Creep” and “Koro” are both engaging, uplifting tracks that show off the musical talents of the New York based composer and percussionist who, among other things, was commissioned to arrange the music of Autechre for chamber orchestra.

“Thank you” and “Yo Drums” are both unashamed, 21st century disco, while around the middle of the show things develop an acid house feel with a couple of cracking tracks from DC and Hunee. “Took My Love” is my pick of the lot this week, an irresistable deep house cut on the Drumpoet Community label with a simple, stripped down vibe and a heavenly, swinging bassline. Finally, Arthur Oskan and Shawn Rudiman lift the pace near the end of the show with some upbeat, Detroit-style techno.

This week’s show also doubled as the opening party for Art’s new place in Second Life, “The Shipwrights” – A beautifully detailed new build by the seaside, with a music venue in an old boat shed, and well worth looking around. Come and visit us there next week! Thanks to everyone who came along or listened in on Future Music radio too!

Olaf Quintessa – In Deep #007
Recorded live on Future Music radio, 19th Oct 2010

97 mins. 192 kbps MP3 (146 MB)

Click here to download

1. Dennis DeSantis – Function Creep
2. Stan Kolev – Reversed Requencies (Scope’s Trans Atlantic Dub)
3. Session Victim – Million Dollar Feeling (Gerd’s Old School Mix)
4. Alpha Child – Gamma Ray (Franc’s Rolling Dub)
5. The Timewriter – Limelight
6. Cavalier – Deep Rider
7. Davor Ostojic – Transitional Objects (Jolka’s Remake)
8. Tony Lionni – The More You Give
9. Chaton – +91 Ahead Session 3.5 (John Daly Version)
10. DC – Riot (Vinyl Edit)
11. Hunee – Took My Love
12. Roberto Rodriguez (Manolo) – Thank You (Part Two)
13. Pete Herbert – Yo Drums (Ajello Version)
14. Jay Tripwire – Acidspace
15. Pherox – Shelter (John Daly Remix)
16. Freestyle Man – Intimate
17. Terry Lee Brown Junior – Downtown Life
18. Noraj Cue – Sound Scale
19. Arthur Oskan – It All Comes Back
20. Shawn Rudiman – Metronic
21. Arthur Oskan – Look Up
22. Little Green Men – Night Drive
23. Dennis DeSantis – Koro


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