In Deep #004 (22nd Sept 2010)

A slow-mo start this week with some nu-disco type groovers from Enzo Ponzio, Ichisan, and veterans Faze Action. I’m not sure how keen I am on the whole “indie dance/nu disco” tag, but the bits I like have a retro-futuristic, synth heavy, disco-tinged sound that owes a lot to italo classics like “Cybernetic Love” by Casco (re-issued on Radius records in 2006).

Italo wasn’t something I’d come across until I heard I-F’s “Mixed up the Hague” and even then I didn’t realise how far back it dated (about the early 80s) – It’s sort of electro before there was electro, and it’s disco after disco was dead. The classic italo disco sound is built up from Linn drum machines, analogue synths, and vocoders, with Giorgio Moroder the high priest. Tracks like “Cybernetic Love“, “Take a chance“, “Spacer Woman“, and “Feel the Drive” sound well ahead of their time and could easily be placed somewhere in the landscape of contemporary dance music (I suppose the “indie dance/nu disco” genre is tailor made for just that). In fact they were on the main line from disco to house music, being some of the raw influences for house music in Chicago in the mid-80s (check out this Chicago House Roots Top 10 on the Gridface website), making them the archetypes of modern techno, electro and house. “Last Days (of Cou Cou D)”, “Tattoo Man” and “Spiral” complete a circle and bring the italo roots of house music to the surface.

The latter part of the mix moves into housier territory, with some lovely tracks from Hideo Kobayashi and Delano Smith, and some rolling, acid-tinged tech house from Piranahead. The mix winds up with the wonderful Beloved Vocal mix of “Lovelee Dae” – One of my all time favourite deep house tracks.

Thanks everyone who came along to the Deep House Cafe in Second Life or listened in on Future Music radio! Enjoy the mix.

90 mins. 192 kbps MP3 (124 MB)

Click here to download

1. Jay Shepheard – Last Days (Of Cou Cou D)
2. Enzo Ponzio – Ready To Flight
3. Ichisan – Space Patrol
4. Faze Action – Tattoo Man (Rudy’s Midnight Mix)
5. Tom Lown – Love Potion (Jay Tripwire Mix)
6. Mauritzio – Light
7. Charles Schillings – On Top (Massivan Dub Mix)
8. Toby Tobias – Highway 24
9. Ichisan – Magnetic Field
10. Casco – Cybernetic Love
11. Nikos Diamantopoulos – Dedicated
12. Jordan Fields – The Tokyo Session (Hideo Kobayashi mix)
13. Fernando – Spiral (Fernando Rework)
14. Hideo Kobayashi – Cosmogony
15. Delano Smith – Metropolis
16. Fabio Genito – Papawenda (FG Organic Dub)
17. Pirahnahead – Mirror Muse (Internal Inspiration)
18. Blaze – Lovelee Dae (Beloved Vocal Remix)


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