Jamal Moss and Cio D’Or

Multiple universes are in the news again, with Stephen Hawking recently saying that there’s no need to invoke a God to explain where the universe came from and that there may in fact be many universes with many different laws of physics. Our universe just happens to be one that human beans were able to evolve in. If anyone would like proof that the multiverse is out there, here are a couple of recordings by Jamal Moss (aka Hieroglyphic Being) and Cio D’Or which show there are at least two different universes.

Hieroglyphic Being live on RTS.FM Chicago

Cio D’Or Panorama 33 Extended Mix

I came across these mixes via the Mnml Ssgs blog – An unpredictable and rambling feed of news, opinion and recommendations to do with modern electronic music, especially techno (Well worth checking out, they have a nose for quality). Listening to them back to back while working through a night shift they seemed to represent completely opposite aesthetics with regards to dance music. It sounded as if they came from separate universes where alternative species of techno and house music had evolved.

On the one hand is a freeform world of raw drum machine patterns and samples. Rhythms, textures and sounds spontaneously arrange themselves amid a universe of possible musics. On the other hand is a carefully ordered, minimalistic sound world – Drum beats, echoes, shimmering sound effects and loops unfold with logical precision, expanding and creating space as they go.

It strikes me that the two universes presented here are thermodynamic opposites; one is high entropy, the other is low entropy. One is chaotic, the other is classical. Entropy is normally described as the amount of disorder in a system, but you can also think of it as information content and how hard it would be to represent that system by something simpler and more concise. One of these universes could be compressed into a tiny parcel that would unfold like clockwork, in a beautiful mathematical progression. The other universe is almost incompressible, full of old spirits and strange messages that refuse to be deciphered.


Resident Advisor feature on Cio D’Or

Gridface interview with Jamal Moss

Picture credit: D*ruffalo.com


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