In Deep #003 (15th Sept 2010)

This week’s podcast kicks off with some wonderful sounds from Theo Parrish and Kai Alce – Thick and muddy Detroit grooves interwoven with jazz, the kind of unprocessed, raw house music that comes straight from the heavens and is especially good for you. “California Soup” is a lovely floaty track with a blissed-out bassline, while “Did you really” by Vick Lavender is a trip into deep Chicago territory. Around the halfway mark things take an acid house turn with Orgue Electronique and 808 State and then the recent Space Dimension Controller takes hold with his remix of “Digital Forest”.

If you haven’t already heard of Space Dimension Controller he’s a 19 year old prodigy from Belfast who has risen to fame on the back of three stunningly original EPs on Acroplane, Kinnego and Royal Oak records. Placed somewhere between house, Detroit techno and electro funk it’s music packed with talent, imagination, and psychedelic vision (sometimes in the form of wigged-out synth solos well worthy of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century). FACT Magazine’s review of “Journey to the centre of the unknown sphere” puts it very well: “SDC’s great skill is his ability to cram his tracks with detail while still leaving acres of space”.  It also comes with a backstory that brings Sun Ra, Drexciya and Battlestar Galactica to mind (the full story is up on his MySpace page and is well worth a read). Apparently a new EP is upcoming on R&S records this Autumn and will definitely be on my shopping list as soon as it appears.

The second half of the mix has a more upbeat feel with a lovely warm groover from Future Beat Alliance, the Detroit-esque “Rain” by Sebastian Kramer and other goodies, and finishes up with some classic Blaze. “Season of love” is unabashed musical evangelism – Pure and powerful house music with a gospel of unity, and if it’s possible for saxophones to do speaking in tongues then Blaze have captured it perfectly on this track. I don’t much go for spirituality myself, but I’m all for dance music that explores different states of mind. “Season of love” goes deep into the feeling that house music is a religion. Short of being a Jedi or a Pastafarian, I could easily worship House.

Thanks to everyone who listened in to the live broadcast on Future Music radio or came along to the Deep House Cafe in Second Life. The podcast has also gone up on iTunes so you can pick it up there if you wish. Enjoy the show!

118 mins. 192 kbps MP3 (161 MB)

Click here to download (Direct download from Mediafire)

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1. Theo Parrish – Falling Up
2. Kai Alce – Dirty South Dirt
3. Kyle Hall – Friendly Skys
4. Matthew Dekay – If I Could Fly (Sebastian Davidson Remix)
5. Steve Ferrand – Spring Break
6. Kuniyuki Takahashi – Set Me Free (Dub Mix)
7. Sebastian Davidson – California Soup (Alex Douche Remix)
8. Vick Lavender – Did You Really
9. Mike Huckaby – The Jazz Republic
10. Kyle Hall – Must See
11. Orgue Electronique – The Garden
12. Virgo – In Vision (808 State Edit)
13. Fabrice Lig – Digital Forest (Space Dimension Controller remix)
14. David Durango – In The Last Orient (Tony Lionni remix)
15. Andrew Chibale – Closure (Art Patrice Remix)
16. Future Beat Alliance – Fake Love
17. Daryl Stay – My Groove (Vincenzo Remix)
18. Sebastian Kramer – Rain
19. Solar House – Hot Tamale
20. Sasse – Break Up (The Timewriter Droit Up mix)
21. Fish Go Deep – ESL
22. Little Green Men – Slope 1
23. Moodymanc – Coleman
24. Atjazz – From Me To You
25. Blaze – Season Of Love (Blaze Club Mix)


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