In Deep #001 (1st Sept 2010)

Having done “In Deep” most Wednesdays for a little over a year now, I thought it was about time to  commit to putting out a “proper” weekly blog and podcast and start keeping count of the shows. It’s definitely one of my weekly highs – Not just the live show, but also the weekly hunt for fresh music, discovering new (and old) producers, and pulling together a decent playlist. So here it is, a second beginning of sorts, number 001.

Deymare and Dubbyman get things off to a laid back start this week, but the game quickly heats up with the brand new Francois Dubois release on Urban Torque and some new 2020 Soundsystem. Vince Watson features heavily this week, and for me “Rendezvous” is the pick of the bunch with beautifully orchestrated, warm synths layered over a rolling techno soundtrack. “Come with Me” is another goodie, with a much housier vibe and some spaced-out, jazzy synth action. The two DJ EFX tracks, which come off his “The Weather EP“, are beautiful deep tracks with an introspective but upbeat feel (reminiscent of Larry Heard). I also did a bit of digging through some netlabels this week and came across some great stuff on the Arteqcue and Sologroove labels.

Thanks to everyone who came along to The Boiler Room in Second Life or listened in on Future Music radio. Enjoy the show!

Olaf Quintessa – In Deep #001 (1st Sept 2010)

120 mins. 192 kbps MP3 (164 MB)

Click here to download

1. Deymare – Rocket (deeper cut) [Arteqcue]
2. Dubbyman – King Of Motown (W&P HGG Remix) [Cornuta Sound]
3. Francois Dubois – Tenori (Steve Ferrand Remix) [Urban Torque]
4. 2020 Soundsystem – Ocean (Jacksonville Remix) [2020 Vision]
5. Mark Ambrose – Chord Track [Crayon]
6. The Unique Matter – Light Cocktail [Sologroove]
7. Jrod – Diggin It Up [Dust Traxx]
8. Vince Watson – Come With Me [Everysoul]
9. Vince Watson – Rendezvous [Planet E]
10. Vince Watson – A Very Different World [Bio]
11. Sensoreal – Albert’s last dream [Sologroove]
12. DJ EFX – Agua [Red Robot]
13. Flow – Catwitch (Vince Watson Remix) [Low Pressings]
14. Dirty Doering – Loco (Vince Watson Remix) [Damage Music]
15. Apologist – Revolution [Wave Music]
16. Danny Marshall – Thing About You [Manuscript]
17. Stratasoul – Sincere [Sologroove]
18. Lovebirds – Gentle (Ian Pooley Remix) [Teardrop]
19. Paul Hardy, Moodymanc – Sizzler (Sei A Remix) [Baker Street]
20. Alec Carlsson – Noise System (Jace Syntax Orbit mix) [Red Robot]
21. Noleian Reusse – Lover’s Jak [Mathematics]
22. DJ EFX – Nature’s Art [Red Robot]
23. Alexander Purkart, Mark Ambrose – Sunrising (Roberto Rodriguez mix) [Franco Bolli]
24. Eric Kupper, K Scope – Star Playa [Nite Grooves]
25. Velvet Sky – Retro Groove [Sologroove]


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