Intergalactic Body Music 26th July 2010

Electro, acid, italo – Intergalactic Body Music! This set was recorded live at The Drome in Second Life and I thought I’d try out a three by three pattern – 3 electro tracks followed by 3 acid tracks followed by 3 italo tracks. Ok, for the purists out there a lot of the tracks are not strictly italo – Just some sort of synthpop/disco/new wave and italo type stuff like Giorgio Moroder, Experimental Products, Patrick Cowley and so on.

A lot of the acid tracks in amongst the mix are by James T. Cotton (aka 2 AM/FM) – A true master of the 303 and the adjective “raw” is fully deserved! Also there’s some great new wave/disco action from Thirteen at Midnight and Twilight. Once again, this set was heavily influenced by stuff I’ve heard on Intergalactic FM – Easily the best net radio station in the galaxy! Also lots of great recommendations from Pussy Milneaux in Second Life.  Thanks to everyone who came along to The Drome or listened in to the live stream.

Party sounds from the machine core – Plug in and feel the planets dancing…

122 mins. 192 kbps MP3 (167 MB).

Click here to download

1. Invisible Rockers Crew – The Fat Laces Era
2. Signal Type – B-14
3. Dynarec – Aqua Motion
4. James T. Cotton – The Second Night Cycle
5. Armando – Pleasure Dome
6. Jared Wilson – Bangkok Four Seasons Hotel
7. Giorgio Moroder – Utopia, Me Giorgio
8. Patrick Cowley – Mindwarp
9. Twilight – Talk To You (Extended)
10. Darxus – The Moon, The Sun
11. AS 1 – Reflective Reflection
12. Kompleksi – Bioluminescence feat. Citizen Omega
13. X2 – Photon
14. Plastikman – Are friends electrik
15. Toby Tobias – Highway 1
16. Thirteen at Midnight – Last True Friends
17. Experimental Products – Mannequin
18. International Music System – Nonline
19. Dr. Siak – Die
20. Invisible Rockers Crew – We Will Prevail II
21. Volsoc – Needleintuit
22. Legowelt – Zompy Land
23. James T. Cotton – The Boxx
24. 2AM / FM – Masters Of Rhythm
25. Harold Faltermeyer, Peter Moesser – So High
26. The Droids – The Force (part 1)
27. Robert Marlow – The Face of Dorian Grey
28. Dexter – D-Funked
29. Luke Eargoggle – I Play Live & Chess
30. The Consumer – Part Of My Life
31. Jared Wilson – Jimmer
32. Neil Landstrumm – Home Delivery
33. Avus – Backfoot Powder
34. Future State – Future State
35. Tantra – Hills Of Katmandu (Patrick Cowley Mix)
36. Thirteen at Midnight – Other Passengers


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