Contrast-r, the sound of the digital underground: Interview with Irma Brawick

Contrast-r is a new record label which has been set up by Irma Brawick (aka SL’s Claude Fizz) and Ionic Benton. Having previously run the Impact Audio record label in their native Luxembourg, and with busy production careers of their own, Irma and Ionic are building on a well-established background in electronic music. Irma (as Vali T) has recently released music on the Backwater Community Recordings label and also produces music as the mysterious Nixu Zsun, while Ionic Benton has been DJing and producing since the late 80s and has current releases on Bonzai, Noobish and Musashi records. Their virtual club, Contrast, has been a home for cutting edge techno in Second Life since 2005.

With artists and remixers hailing from all over Europe and the US, and drawing on a network of new talent which is emerging within Second Life, contrast-r promises great things as a forward-thinking, innovative digital label. Their first release hits all major online stores on July 8th.

Olaf Quintessa caught up with Irma Brawick to find out more about contrast-r and electronic music in Second Life.

Full article on the Virtual Advisor website


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