Maximalising your world: Interview with Monosurround


The Berlin-based duo of Ramtin Asadolahzadeh and Erik Schaeffer have been producing music together as Monosurround since 1999. Their brand of techno, chunky electro pop and nu disco comes jam-packed with twists and ideas, and has been released on labels such as Moonboutique, 1st Decade and Citizen Records. Their DJ and live acts have taken them to many clubs and festivals around the world, including Sonar in Spain and Les Plages festival in France, bringing their concept of Maximalism direct to the dancefloor. In 2008 Monosurround released their first studio album, “Hello World”, and in August last year their remix of Depeche Mode “Peace” was one of the official winners in a Beatport remix competition.

Olaf Quintessa got in touch with Erik and Ramtin to find out about their musical backgrounds, maximalism, playing in Second Life, and parties of the future.

Full article on the Virtual Advisor website


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