Breaking the Code: Interview with Silver Titanium

Silver Titanium is the Second Life avatar of electronic music producer Joseph McGeechan. Together with techno cohort Colin Bain he produces music as the BCR Boys and runs the Backwater Community record label. The last couple of years have seen a steady rise in fortune for the Glasgow-based BCR Boys, from the release of their first tune “Stolperfalle” on Perc Trax in 2008, to their upcoming releases on Impact Mechanics and Perc Trax (again) and ever-growing DJ support. Silver has also released solo work as iFormat and Joe McGeechan.

Olaf Quintessa met up with Silver at the United Beats sim in Second Life to get the lowdown on Glasgow techno, Second Life, playing live, and dirty electro punk bands.

Full article on the Virtual Advisor website


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