Spaceship boogie music – Italo mix

weird robot and sci-fi girl

Italo disco was the world’s first kind of totally electronic dance music, and emerged in the late 70s and early 80s in Europe. It has a space-age, robot funk sort of sound built up from synths and early drum machines, and often makes fantastic use of vocoders. I first came across Italo when I listened to I-F’s “Mixed up in the Hague” mix, which is a superbly crafted mix of Italo classics and old school electro. At first I couldn’t tell whether I was listening to something 25 years old or something brand new off the Clone label (right click here to download this mix from the site), and it really blew me away! Especially tracks like Lectric Workers “Robot is systematic” and Mr Flagio “Take a chance”.

Favourites among this mix are “Be thankful for what you’ve got” by Craig Peyton (1983) and “Dance Boy Dance” by Alexander Robotnick (1984), but it’s all good robot disco goodness. Thanks to Pussy Milneaux for introducing me to a lot of the great tunes here too, like “When I let you down” and “Firelight”. Park the spaceship in orbit, teleport over some friends and turn up the hyperstereo..

72 mins. 192 kbps MP3 (99MB).

Click here to download

1. Bad passion – Steel Mind
2. Perfect High – Peppermint Lounge
3. Be thankful for what you’ve got – Craig Peyton
4. Stranger In A Strange Land – N.O.I.A.
5. The Voice of Q (Instrumental) – Q
6. Ikeya-Seki – Kano
7. Void vision – Cyber people
8. When I let you down – M & G
9. Feels Good (Carrots & Beets) – Electra
10. Girls On Me – Amin Peck
11. Take A Chance – Mr Flagio
12. Run away – International music system
13. Firelight – Ghecko
14. Love in motion – 1000 Ohm
15. E=MC2 – Giorgio Moroder
16. Problemes D’Amour (Midnight version) – Alexander Robotnick
17. Catch (Disco Devil Remix) – Sun La Shan
18. Dance Boy Dance – Alexander Robotnick
19. Magic Fly – Kebekelektrik

For some genuine italo goodness and to get you boogie-ing around your living room..

Intergalactic FM

Mister Italo

Beat Electric

Italo Deviance

Next Italo party coming up at The Drome in Second Life on Thu 29th Oct, with guest DJs Frederick Heberle and GW Starsider.. Full details on the Fresh Static website.

Flyer by Mikayla Basevi
Flyer by Mikayla Basevi

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