Defending the underground: Interview with Denard Henry and Jana Clemen


Denard Henry and Jana Clemen are dj/producers from opposite sides of the Atlantic who joined forces to develop a fusion of techno, ebm, electro and industrial dance music. Their Sonic Warriors United (SWU) project is a group of producers and djs who are actively exploring and deploying this fusion, and features artists such as Marita Schreck, C-Dex, Floppy and Reade Truth. Their recent tour of Germany and the US included shows at Tresor, Berlin, and the Sommerstart Festival.

Originally from New Jersey in the USA but now based in Germany, Denard Henry aka Sonic Architect is a dj/producer of vivid, textural electronica and techno. The broad and heady range of influences he pours into his music blend into evocative dancefloor slices of alternative electronic worlds and he has released music on labels such as Broque, Monoid and Feis, as well as his own Cipher Records. His DJ and live acts have taken him to many many clubs around Europe and the US, including Ultraschall and SO36 in Germany, plus Limelight and Save the Robots in New York.

Jana Clemen aka Abstract Soul is dj/producer from Germany and has released music on labels such as Hybrid, Planet Rhythm and Phont, as well as her own label Convex Productions. Jana’s music follows many lines, taking minimal techno to an industrial scale and shaking irresistible grooves out of warped electro and house. She has djed extensively around Europe, with appearances at Tresor, Neue Heimat and Ultraschall in Germany, the Loft in Lausanne, and many other clubs around France, Poland, Sweden and elsewhere.

Olaf Quintessa met up with Denard and Jana in Second Life to talk about their roots in electronic music, the SWU project, djing in the virtual world, and parties in the year 2109.

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