INSILICO, the virtual city – Electro mix


“INSILICO is a dark futuristic metropolis, slowly floating several thousand meters high above the clouds. It is one of many cities, serving as the last airborne asylums for the small extant human population that has been forced there.” It is the year 2478.

I’ve been exploring INSILICO for quite a while now and it’s one of the marvels of Second Life. It’s a highly immersive virtual city, beautifully constructed with lots of engaging details. Bars, medical labs, shops, apartments, skyscrapers, workshops, a mid-air swimming pool, sewers. It’s the kind of place with stories to tell, which is obviously how it was intended – roleplayers live in the city and breathe life into the INSILICO storyline.


This mix evokes the city of INSILICO and delves into some of its dark corners. Corporate control, high technology, dark warehouses, idle robots, glowing skyscrapers, cybernetics, burnt-out cars, escaped androids.

55 mins. 192 kbps MP3 (75MB).

Mixed by Olaf Quintessa.

Click here to download

1. Untitled #5 – James White
2. The New World – Komarken Electronics
3. Future In Plastic – Claro Intelecto Dub – Vector Lovers
4. Slow Decay – Freezie Freekie
5. Voltaic – Urban Textures
6. Chemotron Worldwide – BMX
7. Cosmic Wonder – Kalson
8. Punished By Machines – MAS 2008
9. Ghost Wires – Silicon Scally
10. Evolucion – Umwelt Remix – Boris Divider
11. In Abyss – Gods of Technology Mix – Signal Type
12. Oscuros Intereses – Dark Vektor
13. The Virtual Place is the Future – Sbles3plex
14. Sonic Sound Of Bass – Dagobert
15. Unlimited Power – TRV
16. Future Visions – Blotnik Brothers

Click here for direct link to INSILICO in Second Life.

Also check out the INSILICO website for more info on roleplay, events, photos, storylines.








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