Asteroid Mining Colony Blues – Electro Mix


Electro music evocative of life in a mining colony in the asteroid belt – Machinery, claustrophobia and isolation, work, paranoia and drunken parties. Inspiration for this mix came from reading Phillip K Dick. I’d like to think this mix could form the soundtrack to one of his stories.

52 mins.

Listen on Mixcloud

1. Eutow – Autechre
2. Negative Flash – Transllusion
3. Flatblock 209 – Pal Secam Kids
4. Bridge Of Sighs – Cestrian
5. The Machine – Ra-X
6. I Do Because I Couldn’t Care Less – I-F
7. Dawn Over the City – Heuristic Audio
8. Abstract Orange – Mandroid
9. Science Cant Save You – Komarken Electronics
10. Mindprogramming – MAS 2008
11. Deep Dissolve – Silicon Scally
12. Energy Vampire – I-F
13. I’m your magic man – Luke Eargoggle
14. Get With It – Dynamik Bass System
15. Damnation – Will Web
16. Vidd – Octagon Man
17. Ikon Symbol – Mandroid

(Illustration above by Chris Moore)


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