In Deep at the Southern Cross

Last night I played a special deep house set at the Southern Cross in Second Life. It was a real pleasure to play a whole load of music that I have loved for ages – Most of these tracks are deep house classics from the 90s. I sold a lot of vinyl when we moved from the UK to NZ, but some records there was no way I could part with – In one way or another they were life-changing, like all great music! Those songs form a big part of this set.

My absolute favourite of the lot is Dirty Jesus, “Don’t fuck with my shit” – A super deep gem from Paper Recordings – But all of these tracks are lovely, evocative slices of house music that stir my heart and get my feet hopping at the same time!  

Thanks to TheArtfullOne Skytower for the invitation to play at the Southern Cross.

Olaf Quintessa DJing at the Southern Cross in Second Life 13 May 2009
Olaf Quintessa DJing at the Southern Cross in Second Life 13 May 2009. Picture: TheArtfullOne Skytower

2 hrs 8 mins. 128 kbps mp3 (117 MB).

Click here to download

1. Time For Change – Nail
2. Got To Be Movin’ – Matthew Herbert
3. C.V.O Trance – Glenn Underground
4. Happyness Dub – The Rurals
5. Rush n’Soul – Chris Simmonds
6. Paradise (Salt City Mix) – Nick Holder
7. Lovelee Dae – Beloved Vocal Mix – Blaze
8. Sunday Session – Weekender
9. Here’s To You – Rubato
10. Ebers Groove – Original Mix – Hot Toddy
11. Dancing In Outer Space – Lunar Mix Part 1 – Atmosfear
12. Block Party – Bob Sinclar
13. Bisou Sucre – Bob Sinclar
14. Nokturnal – Shaboom
15. Cascades Of Colour – Ben Watt’s Club Dub – Ananda Project
16. Theme From Salt City Orchestra – Salt City Orchestra
17. Keep sexy – Car Bomb
18. Life – Jask
19. Here I Am – Rutabaga Mix – Lexicon Avenue
20. Don’t Fuck With My Shit – Late Night Cruising Mix – Dirty Jesus
21. Moonwalk – Blaze
22. Nu Oddessey – Ham’n’eggs Dub – Departure Lounge
23. Thru 2 You – Original Vocal Mix – Echomen
24. Are you sure Joe? – Cine City


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