Electro music in Second Life


On Easter Sunday we held the first Fresh Static Electro Special at The Drome in Second Life. The idea was to have a party that was just electro music – I mean the old and nu school, breaks and 808 sound of electro rather than electro house. Cybotron, Kraftwerk, Bass Junkie, Aux 88, Arpanet, Umwelt, Satamile, Dynarec, Dynamik Bass System – all these sorts of artist.

One of the reasons for doing an electro special was that electro is a genre which is almost totally un-represented on the Second Life dance music scene. Apart from Fresh Static, the only other time I’ve heard electro played anywhere was a set that Robot Recreant played at the Session One club at United Beats, although I admit I don’t get to events in SL as much as I’d like. Most commonly, event notices mention electro in the same breath as prog or club house, and I assume they’re talking about electro house. Electroclash crops up fairly often, which is related to electro but is still a different style. It’s difficult to tell from event notices just what music you’re likely to hear, but it’s fair to say that old or nu school, breakin’ electro is rarely on the bill.

I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised about this – electro is far from the mainstream of minimal, prog and tech house club music, so fan numbers are always going to be small. It can be an acquired taste – sometimes electro adopts a deliberately retro/old school attitude (eg. Dynamik Bass System), while at other times it goes futuristic and sci-fi (eg. Satamile). However, I love evocative and interesting dance music that sends my imagination flying off in mad directions whilst also moving my feet – and electro totally hits the button for me.

Robot Recreant and Evermore Noel played a whole range of electro styles at the Easter party and really rocked the place. We had a great turn out for the event from beginning to end – Quite early on, Eliza took the step of removing the dividing wall at the Drome in order to double the size of the main dancefloor. Gotta love Second Life for being able to tear down walls to make more room for people to dance!


More electro specials at Fresh Static at the Drome are in the pipeline – The next one will be at the end of May. More often than not I end up dropping a whole load of electro in my regular sets at Fresh Static as well. There may also be some DJs in Second Life who like electro but either hold back or don’t have the chance to play it – If you’d be interested in playing some electro at Fresh Static then please get in touch!


Intergalactic FM
Dutch internet radio station – Formerly the Cybernetic Broadcasting System. Three channels of electro, techno, acid house, Italo disco, ambient, soundtracks, library music.

The Drome
Undergound electronic music club in Second Life

United Beats
A whole region in Second Life dedicated to clubbing and electronic music, from minimal to deep house.


Olaf Quintessa – Fresh Static Easter Electro Special 12th Apr 2009

61 mins. 192kbps MP3 (84MB).

Click here to download

1. Who Is It What Is It – Original Mix – Bass Junkie
2. Bass Generator – Re-load – Bassing Guild
3. Future Shox – Original Mix – Cybernet Systems
4. Instruments Of Armageddon – Original Mix – Gods Of Technology
5. Electroviolet – Mas 2008
6. Melancholie – Original Mix – Cosmic Force
7. She’s Gotta Have It – Original Mix – Dynamik Bass System
8. All the Happy Robots – Octagon Man
9. Robots Ready for Mars – Bytecon
10. Conscious Robots – Kronos Device
11. Dominant Race – Original Mix – Gab.Gato
12. Obey and Survive – Kronos Device
13. Mech Annoyed (Dexorcist Remix) – Synapse
14. Flow – Freezie Freekie
15. Natural City (Decal Remix) – Darkmode
16. Tin Can – Blotnik Brothers

Robot Recreant – Fresh Static Electro Special 12th Apr 2009

A two hour sonic feast of electro from old to nu skool, Detroit and a hint of Italo! Features tracks from Fastgraph, I-F, Kraftwerk, Ghibli, Cybotron, Arpanet and a load of other goodies – Pretty much everything except Planet Rock! Totally rocked the party and the 31st century never sounded so good!

117 mins. 128kbps MP3 (107 MB).


Click here to download


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