Street sounds of techno industrial Hades – Techno mix


Sounds of the underground from about as far down as you can go. This is all heavy, Stygian techno evocative of the gloom and raw noise of the streets of an industrial Hades.

Mixed by Olaf Quintessa

63 mins. 192kbps MP3 (90MB).

Click here to download

PCMN – No Control (Dominic Muller remix) (Furanum)
Pluge – Duty to work (Cyp remake) (Ante-rasa)
Charlton – Nie Przyjazny (ARMS)
Surgeon – Prowler (Counterbalance)
Another form – Prey upon (Ante-rasa)
Casual Violence – Dank (Ante-rasa)
Cyp – Follow me (Ante-rasa)
Error404 – Save us (Ante-rasa)
All the saints have been hung – British murder boys (Counterbalance)
Persistence – Hardware friction (Ante-rasa)
PCMN – Monitor (Furanum)
D.muller – The triangle (Ante-rasa)
Dominick Muller – Zoki (Furanum)
Balatro – In the wake of dreams (Ante-rasa)
Go Hiyama – Anonymous structure (Takaaki Itoh remix) (AsianDynasty)
Carlos Rios – No more rock & roll (ARMS)
Surgeon – Shaper of the unknown (Counterbalance)
Regis – White Stains (Downwards)
Chris McCormack – Exit to extinction (Materials)


Free Belgian netlabel. Dark, evocative techno

Dark/industrial techno label based in Poland, founded by Dominik Muller

Slamming, no nonsense techno label under the Audio Assault recordings umbrella

Heavy, rhythmic, experimental, dark industrial funk with Surgeon at the helm

Legendary Birmingham techno label

Asian Dynasty
Techno/house label from Tokyo

Chris McCormack’s techno outlet


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