Utilitarian gothic electro mix

Taplow tower, Chalcot estate
Taplow tower, Chalcot estate

The first Silicon Scally record I came across was the fantastic “Mr Machine” on the SCSI-AV label – Elegant, brooding electro reminiscent of an Autechre/Kraftwerk soundclash.  At the time my flat had a view of the Chalcot Estate in Camden, North London. The estate includes four utilitarian tower blocks named Taplow, Burnham, Bray and Dorney, and I always felt that the sound of “Mr Machine” was a direct link to the bold, possibly beautiful, but dysfunctional outlines they projected above the horizon. “Mr Machine” encapsulates a future architectural vision of stark angles and precise dimensions gathering grime and slowly falling apart – Utilitarian gothic.

Utilitarian gothic electro, mixed by Olaf Quintessa.56 mins. 192kbps MP3 (77MB).

Click here for direct download from Mediafire

1. Silicon Scally – The Silent Years
2. Silicon Scally – Clone Alone
3. Silicon Scally – Indefinite Space
4. Silicon Scally – Interflection
5. Silicon Scally – Magnified
6. Silicon Scally – All Torque
7. Carl A Finlow – Equilibrium
8. Carl A Finlow – Floating Point
9. Silicon Scally – Entron
10. Carl A Finlow – Anomaly

Silicon Scally is one of the many production guises assumed by Carl A. Finlow.

Select discography for this mix
Silicon Scally – Mr. Machine (SCSI-AV), 2002
Carl A. Finlow – Electrilogy+ (Device), 2003
Silicon Scally – Bioroid (Satamile records), 2007
Silicon Scally – Dark Matter (Satamile records), 2007


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