Interview with Robot Recreant

Robot Recreant

Robot Recreant is the Second Life avatar of electronic music producer Coefficient. His production work is precisely crafted techno infused with visions of outer space and faraway galaxies, and has been released on Labrynth and Profound Records. His Coefficient work brings to mind producers such as Oscar Mulero and Exium as well as Basic Channel and Jeff Mills’ Metropolis sound track. His work as Telesthesia with Michaelangelo takes a heavier, more experimental direction. As a DJ in Second Life Robot’s sets can take in anything from acid house to dubstep, although a love for Detroit techno often comes to the fore. His broad-minded approach to DJing and a great sense for quality music have earned him an enthusiastic following, from his dubstep sessions at The Drome, to techno parties at Home, Black Box and Club Necto.

Olaf Quintessa met up with Robot at The Drome to talk about music, DJing, Second Life and obscure Czech b-movies.

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