Death Star Borg Attack – Electro Mix

Death Star Gunner

You know that Death Star gunner with the cool helmet who operates the laser that nukes Alderaan in Star Wars? Well he thinks the Borg are really cool and this is what he’s listening to on his DoomPod.

Heavy breakin’ electro from the 31st century!

48 mins. 192kbps MP3 (66MB).

Click here to download from Mediafire

1. The Dexorcist – Fear Teacher
2. Motorbot – Android Spectre
3. Bass Junkie – Return to Bass
4. Cybernet Systems – We are Borg
5. Kronos Device – Terminate the Bass
6. Legowelt – Electro race
7. Gods of technology – Instruments of armageddon
8. The Dexorcist – Dark Times
9. Bytecon – Worm intruder
10. Dynamik Bass System – Don’t stop compute
11. Sbassship – Rock the planet
12. Blotnik Brothers – Tin Can


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